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Town Cutler

New Knife Shop: Town Cutler Cuts Out The Competition

A little over a year ago, a young chef named Galen Garretson was working with Michael Tusk at Quince. A certified kitchen tool geek, he and Tusk would often compare notes on professional gadgets as they bemoaned the lack of good knife sellers around town. Garretson decided to do something about it. And now we have Town Cutler, his three-week-old knife shop on a stretch of Bush Street in the Tender Nob. Just this morning, Garretson told me there was a line at the door before he opened several times last week. Apparently he and Michael Tusk aren't the only ones in need of a good knife shop. Here's what else Garretson had to say. 

From Whole Hog to Sausage Making, The Butchery Education Continues

In the past, say, three years, foodists have become increasingly blasé about being presented with a freshly killed whole beast and a big knife. Butchered a whole pig? Been there done that. Give me the cow.

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