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treasure island

T.I. Exclusive: We Get Down with Thao

San Francisco transplant Thao Nguyen and her band, The Get Down Stay Down, bring to the SF music scene fun, energy, and pure unadulterated joy. With their latest album coming out next week, Know Better Learn Faster, Thao and the band is poised to play the Treasure Island Music Festival on Sunday afternoon. Thao took some time to talk to 7x7 about the upcoming album and her love of making music.

7x7: When we spoke earlier this year, you were getting ready to headline Noise Pop. Now you're about to play Treasure Island. How have things changed for you and the band over the last 10 months?

Treasure Island Gets The Wind Knocked Out Via New Grid System

We keep hearing news regarding Treasure Island's green redevelopment, which will include 6,000 new housing units and a ferry building featuring shops and restaurants in the same vein as ours here in the city. Now we get to see a mock-up aerial view of the island showing the planned orientation of the streets, with a grid angled at 68 degrees in order to block strong gusts of wind (hmm, wish they'd thought of that when planning the Sunset and Richmond neighborhoods). Plan developments also include a Telegraph Hill-like area, with townhomes up the sides and a park on top, and use of only a quarter of the island's 400 acres.

Summer Sailstice Takes Over the Bay

We might not have real seasons here -- no foliage, no snow, just schizoid micro-climates and changeable marine layers. But, here’s a hint that summer starts tomorrow -- sea-farers of all sorts will be out and about enjoying the Summer Sailstice, which just happens to fall on the summer solstice.

The Sailstice is a world-wide holiday celebrating sailing held annually on the longest sailing day of the year. Because, you know, we need to fill those extra few minutes with something, it might as well be water-side music, food, contests and flotation devices to benefit the Treasure Island Sailing Center.

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