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Treasure Island Music festival

Treasure Island Music Festival: Sunday's Top 5

Treasure Island Festival makes leaps and bounds from grimy, sweaty, electro on Saturday to more of the relaxed, indie variety on Sunday. The vibe of the fest will do a 180, but the talent level will stay exactly the same.

Sunday’s Top 5

Treasure Island Music Festival: Saturday's Top 5

There’s no denying the buzz surrounding Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend. At every café you go to, during any weekend conversation you may have, and any exchange with a music junkie will inevitably lead you to some form of  “TI” dialogue. Although you won’t have to weave through crowds, peeling between stages to catch 30 minutes of your favorite band (whoever thought of the alternating – not overlapping – festie schedule is nothing short of genius), we’ve still got weekend fever for these five acts.

Saturday’s Top 5

The Treasure Island Music Festival: Which Day is Worth Your Cold, Hard-Earned Cash?

Since I first laid eyes on this year's Treasure Island Music Festival lineup, I've been trying to decide which of the fest's two days entices the money out of my wallet more: the bombastic crunch of Saturday's electronic mix or the bleeding hearts and wide-eyed rock of Sunday?

Treasure Island Festival Lineup Announced (And It's Awesome)

The Treasure Island Music Festival (Oct 16-17) lineup was announced this morning and it's A++. What's even better? There are no overlapping sets. We'll let the lineup speak for itself.

Treasure Island Video: Grizzly Bear

We were extremely excited to see this Brooklyn supergroup, especially because their album, Veckatimest is poised to be album of the year on many a list.  Check them out below.

Treasure Island Video: Beirut

Beirut brings back the hand clap whilst making brass instruments look really hot.

Treasure Island Video: Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon rocks the Steve Young jersey from the Tunnel Stage.

Treasure Island Video: The Flaming Lips

We knew Saturday's headliner, The Flaming Lips, would pull some crazy moves. Check out their entrance below.

Treasure Island Video: The Walkmen

The Walkmen don't look like they'd pack much punch. Dressed in muted dark colors (with a collared shirt or two represented), the New York group is pretty unassuming on stage. But then Hamilton Leithauser starts singing and the horns start blowing and..whoah. Leithauser's voice has an intensity and range that's virtually unmatched. They absolutely rocked out "The Rat" and "In the New Year" and even treated the crowd (as well as a flock of pelicans who were flying above the stage) to some material from their new album, which is notably lighter than their normal fare. Check out "in the New Year" below.



Treasure Island Video: Vetiver

We were excited to see Vetiver both because they’re local and because their brand of indie folk is just, well, lovely. And they definitely didn’t disappoint, treating a shivering crowd to favorites like “Rolling Sea” and “Everyday.”  Simple and sweet, they gave everyone a great excuse to huddle a little closer for warmth.

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