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Treasure Island Music festival

Treasure Island Video: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros looked as if they’d just descended from some mountain-trek in the Andes when they took to Treasure Island’s Bridge Stage on (a very windswept) Sunday afternoon. Which is both to say that the group is very close-knit (lots of smiles and hand-holding) and that if an alpaca joined them on stage, it wouldn’t have seemed weird.

Treasure Island Video: Girl Talk

Seconds before Girl Talk's Gregg Gillis entered the stage in his requisite oversized sweat suit, the audience went wild screaming his name and jumping up and down. Mosh pit mayhem ensued—overzealous teens and twenty-somethings thrashing around to a mashup of Radiohead, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, etc. We never prayed so hard for our safety. As usual, Gregg was down to pants-only by the end of his set, getting wild with his onstage posse. Surely the rowdiest act of the day, but we can't say the best. One thing's for sure—next time we're watching from afar.

Treasure Island Video: Brazilian Girls

Three albums down and one baby later, Brazilian Girls are back on the scene, bringing their eclectic Big Apple flavor to Treasure Island. Clad in a lace/mesh bodysuit with a big bulls-eye heart plastered on her chest, sexy European songstress Sabina Sciubba seduced the eagerly awaiting crowd with her trippy chants. "Good Time" set the tone of tonight's set followed by favorites like "Don't Stop" and "Sexy Asshole." Sabina beckoned, "Come on, come on" as bandmates pulled audience members onstage just in time for the closing "Pussy pussy pussy marijuana." Now those are some lyrics we won't soon forget.

Treasure Island Video: Thao with The Get Down Stay Down

Just as expected, Thao charmed the mellow crowd with her sweet voice and silly witticisms, calling us "friends" and apologizing for not wearing a dress to this special occasion. She and The Get Down Stay Down played a handful of tracks from their second album, just released last week, including the title track "Know Better Learn Faster," "Cool Yourself" and "Good Bye Good Luck."

Catch a glimpse of Thao's playful stage personality in the clip below.



Treasure Island Video: MGMT

MGMT, the headliner for Saturday, had a tough act to follow - they played immediately after Girl Talk, whose show induced an island-wide dance freak-out and culminated with fireworks over the Tunnel Stage. As MGMT started their set, there was literally a frenzied skip/dance/run to the Bridge Stage. It was stampede material. An arms-flailing, high-on-life (and other things) kind of stampede.

MGMT's gotten a bad rap for being not-so-awesome live, but the Brooklyn group rose to their headliner occasion quite well and did what they had to do: played "Electric Feel" and "Kids"  to close out a day of dancing on the island. Check out "Time to Pretend" below.

Treasure Island Video: Passion Pit

Playing to a jovial sea of gyrating neon, Passion Pit brought the happy this afternoon to the Treasure Island Music Festival with their pitch-perfect (high-pitched, that is) brand of electopop.  The group, who hails from Massachusetts, was one of the most hotly anticipated acts of the festival and set a celebratory tone for the weekend with favorites like “The Reeling” and “Sleepyhead.”

Check out the opening of their set below, as well as some inspired dance moves from some chicks at stage right.

The Headbands of the Treasure Island Music Festival

Headbands of the Treasure Island Music Festival, a photo diary from Saturday.

Treasure Island Sells Out Saturday: What Bad Economy?

Craigslist is blowing up! The Treasure Island Music Festival, one of the most hotly anticipated music bonanzas of the year, has sold out for Saturday (tickets are going for $100 or more on Craigslist).  It's one of the only festivals to sell out this year, proving that people will still pay top dollar for an AMAZING lineup. Do you think Saturday's lineup is better than Sunday's?

The Top 10 Not-To-Miss Sets at the Treasure Island Music Festival

Ok so the good news (besides the optimisitc weather forecast this weekend) is that there are absolutely no overlapping set times for Treasure Island Festival. But as we praise the festival gods for this overwhelming luck, we also realize that all of you will most likely not see every single act on Saturday and Sunday. For those planning their weekend beer-break schedule, here’s our handy countdown (from our #10 pick to our #1 pick) of bands not to miss.

Fleet Foxes: From Bottom of the Hill to SNL

The Fleet Foxes have had quite a year.  We knew they were something else when the hype machine made it near impossible to score tickets to their Bottom of the Hill show last Spring (maybe one of the most amazing shows of last year).  Then they played the Treasure Island Music Festival, drawing Jack White out from his trailer to watch the magic.  They’ve secured the coveted number 1 spot on Pitchfork’s Best Albums of 2008, and this Saturday, will join the short list of indie label bands to perform on SNL.   They’ll be performing “Blue Ridge Mountains,”  (which Pitchfork crowned the

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