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Treasure Island Music festival

Local Indie-Rock Poster Artist Displaying Work at the Curiosity Shoppe

Chances are you've seen one of Oakland designer Jason Munn's music posters, especially if you went to the Treasure Island Music Festival (the whole ship/island concept was his idea). Or , perhaps, you've spun a CD with his art on it. Munn's SF-based design studio, The Small Stakes, has created posters, magazine graphics, CD art and book covers for bands like, Beck, Modest Mouse, The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, and locals Rogue Wave.

Video: Fleet Foxes at Treasure Island

When Robin Pecknold of the Fleet Foxes starts singing, you feel like the only appropriate place to be is atop of some mountain in the Alps. Their Treasure Island performance, like most of their shows, was a meditative experience - enhanced by the absolute silence from the crowd, the breeze blowing off the Bay and as drummer J. Tillman put it, "the purple mountains of majesty" in the background (which would be Marin Headlines, just to the right of the Golden Gate Bridge). Though they're more suited for smaller, enclosed venues where their impressive vocals can carry, the Fleet Foxes entranced the crowd with songs from their self-titled debut and their Sun Giant EP.

Treasure Island Music Festival: Vampire Weekend

College campus favorites Vampire Weekend got things bopping yesterday at the Treasure Island Music festival, treating the crowd with favorites from this year's acclaimed, self-titled release as well as some new material. Check out "Campus" below.

Port O'Brien at the Treasure Island Music Festival

The nautical backdrop was appropriate for Bay Area locals Port O'Brien, who split their time between Oakland and commercial fishing boats in Kodiak, Alaska. The band lived up to its comparisons to Arcade Fire, playing "I Woke Up Today" with a similar vocal exuberance. Check out the beginning of their set below.

Justice Electrifies Treasure Island

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there was not a soul standing stationary on Treasure Island during the Justice performance.  From behind their signature glowing cross, the headlining French electronic duo gave the crowd just what they crossed the bridge for - an all-out dance party that for some, seemed to border on a religious experience.   If you weren't D.A.N.C.E-ing, it was forced upon you by your jumping/girating  neighbors - listening to their swelling, layered beats was like taking the coolest spaceship ever.  Over and over again.  "We Are Your Friends," got the crowd into a chanting frenzy, which was halted abruptly when Xavier De Rosnay walked in front of the set and robotically flicked his cigarette across the stage.  He stood frozen and silent for a good

Aesop Rock at Treasure Island

The only hip-hop act on the ticket, Aesop Rock did his genre proud.  Joined on stage by DJ Big Wiz and Rob Sonic, the East Coast MC, who relocated to SF three years ago, laid down beats and rhymes spanning a decade of his influential hip hop.   Along with last year's hit "None Shall Pass" and "Daylight" from the 2002 EP, the show featured some seriously impressive "turntabilism" from DJ Big Wiz.  "This is gonna make your skulls come out of your head," said Aesop.  "This is a pretty nice DJ."  Yeah.

TV on the Radio: Treasure Island Music Festival

TV on the Radio has a truly arresting presence on stage - mostly because there's so many of them.  When the horns are going, they're a bit reminiscent of a high school marching band, but when they break into songs like "Wolf Like Me," all the order descends into beautiful mayhem and you can't help but get swept away.  The New York-based group proclaimed that they had "a lot to celebrate."  Not only did their much-anticipated album Dear Science hit iTunes last Tuesday, it was bassist Gerard Smith's birthday.  They treated with a few from their new album, including the catchy "Golden Age," which is more funk and pop than anything they've done before - and is complete with their signature horns.   In fact, perhaps as a homage to the SF fog, the grou

Video: Hot Chip at the Treasure Island Music Festival

Hot Chip, the electropop band from across the pond, electrified things yesterday.  Serious, intent and with a lot of jogging in place, the blazer-clad Brits (complimented, in lead singer Alexis Taylor's case, by some neon orange gollashes) steadily pumped the crowd with percussion, driving keyboards and pitch perfect vocals.

Treasure Island Music Festival: Goldfrapp

The general reaction to the Goldfrapp show was, "were they real?"  Dressed in flowing, ethereal outfits (lead vocalist Alison Goldfrapp wore neon streamers, a nice compliment to the hipster color du jour), and moving about a stage draped in vines, flowers (along with owls and crows perched on the keyboards) and harps, the British group looked a bit like angelic pirates blowing in the wind of the Treasure Island afternoon.  The show moved from ambient and operatic to sassy, starting with songs from 2000's Felt Mountain and then moving on to more poppy hits "Ooh La La," "Strict Machine" and "Number 1." 

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