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'Twilight' Mania Invades Stonestown...Again

Hear that? Listen closely. It's the sound of thousands of rabid vampire enthusiasts squealing in anticipation of two Twilight stars invading SF's very own Stonestown Galleria today. Actors Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, who play Robert Pattinson's onscreen siblings, Alice and Emmett Cullen, will be appearing at the mall today to promote the November 20 release of the Twilight sequel, New Moon. But don't expect to get up close and personal with the vamps on your way to the food court. Fans lined up Halloween morning to snag the 500 wristbands for separate Nordstrom and Hot Topic meet-and-greets, and organizers said no more are available.

Greenskeepers Cover NIN's Hurt

Here's a little something to break the monotony of spreadsheets and emails. Chicago-based band Greenskeepers are at it again. First they manipulated Robert Pattison and Twilight, now they've put a creative spin on NIN's "Hurt" and joined it perfectly with a clip from the Academy Award-winning short animated film, Harvie Krumpet. Not sure if it'll play into their live set, but you can find out. They are playing Mission Rock on July 12.

Hitting the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

Working the MTV Movie Awards red carpet is a little like downing a bottle of Nyquil after watching Entertainment Tonight. "Oh, there goes Will Ferrell...I think Paris Hilton just looked at me...gosh, Miley Cyrus wears expensive shoes for a 16-year-old..." Everything seems to be in technicolor, and all the stars are literally at your fingertips (if you're lucky, they even repeatedly, yet inadvertantly touch your arm - thanks, Peter Facinelli!). 7x7 was there to capture the dream:

Must See New Music

If you've seen Twilight and like David Bowie I think you have to see this..... video



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Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer on Her Favorite Kind of Vampire

Connecticut-born author Stephenie Meyer never planned to become a full-time writer.

Not that her passion for literature was some sort of fleeting fancy. After attending high school in Scottsdale, Arizona – Meyer’s family relocated to Arizona when she was four – she used a National Merit Scholarship to help pay her way through Brigham Young University, where she majored in English. But Meyer never envisioned herself as a bestselling author, much less watching the cinematic adaptation of her first novel, Twilight, dominate the holiday box office to the tune of nearly $140 million in its first two weeks.

On the unusual trappings of fame:

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