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Two Sense

Two Sense: Is My Partner Hiding Something On His iPhone?

Long story short, my boyfriend and I have two different versions of the iPhone, and on a recent road trip, his battery died and I had the only car charger that would work for it as he left his charger at home. My phone was fully charged, and we were keeping up with each other on the highway, so I offered to switch phones with him for an hour, charge his up, and then pull off the road and switch back. He thought about it a second, then said, "No, that's okay.

Two Sense: Guess Who I Found on a Cheaters Website?

A friend told me she signed up at Ashley Madison, the site for cheaters, and that she was meeting all kinds of interesting (married) men on it, so I went and checked it out, more out of curiosity than any real desire to sign up.

Two Sense: Am I Too Happy With My Gay Husband to Find a Real One?

I’m a 30-year-old woman who lives with my gay best friend. Our friends affectionately call us Will and Grace. We both hold down decent jobs, spend lots of time exploring the city, and we’ve set up an ideal household: delicious meals, my adorable dog whom we both love, wonderful dinner parties and movie nights. But we both find it hard to get dates with relationship-available men.

Two Sense: My Internet Windfall Scares My Dates

two sense

Last year my company, which shall go nameless, went public. Since I was employee number 44, I now have more money than I know what the hell to do with. Obviously, this is not something to complain about, given that so many people can't make ends meet, but it has become a dating problem.

Two Sense: I’m in Love With an HIV-Positive Man

Sebastian Kaulitzki

I'm a 40-year-old gay guy in love with a man ten years my senior. He's everything I've ever wanted—smart, thoughtful, and compassionate (not to mention hunky). But we are serodiscordant: He's HIV-positive and I'm HIV-negative.

Two Sense: I Want to Date My Hook-up

Two Men date

I’m a 32-year-old gay guy who’s been seeing a very sexy “f-buddy” once a week for about two months. Even though it’s just sex, we often spend the night together and our encounters feel very intimate. He talks a lot about spending more time together, traveling, going to concerts, etc. He stayed over last Friday, and on Sunday morning, I texted him to suggest we have brunch and got no response. Yet I know he'll get in touch the next time he wants sex. I'm finding myself thinking about him all the time.

Two Sense: How Can I Have the Best of Both Worlds?

I'm a twenty-something lesbian living in Oakland. I'm totally out, comfortable being gay, and love women unconditionally. I don't really relate to men other than as friends. Though I'm not ready to settle down, I'm pretty good at dating and intimacy. But here's the catch. I love cock. I'd much rather be with a woman overall, but then I get distracted by my pursuit of what I consider better orgasms that only the penis can produce. (Sex toys suck!) How can I have the best of both worlds?

Two Sense: Should You Use Drugs to Enhance Sex?

GHB Pills

I'm an attractive twenty-something woman living in the Mission with an active dating and social life. Many of my gay male friends talk about "PNP," which is short for party and play. Basically, it's sex enhanced with the use of crystal meth or other drugs such has GHB. They talk about sex that literally lasts all night long. I can't help but be curious. Non-gay folks seem to use the drug mainly in non-sexual ways, which doesn’t interest me. While none of my gay friends are addicts (or appear to be), they seem totally okay with using drugs once in a while for sex. Would it be the worst thing in the world if I got a connection from one of my friends, and tried it with one of the guys I’m dating?

Two Sense: How Can I Compete with My Girlfriend's Vibrator?

My girlfriend has a couple of vibrators that she likes and has been using for years, more often (she says) when she was single or when we’ve been away from each other on business trips and the like. The other day she suggested using one while we were having sex, and I was open, but when I saw how quickly and powerfully it got her off, I felt a little taken aback. She orgasms with me nearly every time, but not in like three minutes flat. I want her to have as much pleasure as possible, but I worry that if we bring the vibrator into bed with us, she'll get more attached to it than she is to me, if you know what I mean.

Two Sense: How Do I Move on From My Previous Relationship?

Two Sense:Two Sense: How Do I Move on From My Previous Relationship?

How do you move on from a very serious relationship while working a job in hospitality? I spend most evenings at work in a high-stress environment while sleeping through a portion of my days. It's been over a year since I've had a real date, much less wanted one. I'm still young but shy. How would you recommend I take the steps to meet new people and hopefully connect?

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