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The Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride

Head to Coyote Hills Regional Park for the Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride

Unless you're a South Bay resident, this jewel of a park might be completely off your radar. Plainly visible across the San Francisco Bay from the Bayshore freeway, it's those hills you see silhouetted behind the San Mateo Bridge when driving south to SFO.

Explore Rural Sonoma and Marin Cycling Valley Ford Road

Finding a new place to ride is one of the many delights of cycling. The rolling hills and dairy pastures of northwestern Marin County and southern Sonoma offer some of the best opportunities to meander through untraveled roads, find solitude, and admire classic California landscapes.

The Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride: Waterside Views on the American River Trail

The American River Trail winds about 30 miles from Sacramento to Folsom and offers a rare combination of treats for the urban cyclist: long stretches of unimpeded riding and great views.

The Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride: Muir Beach Ridge

Sometimes ending an intense bike ride is much like hitting your thumb with a hammer—it feels good when you stop. This ride has enough hammers that it’ll surely be a relief when it’s finished; even more so if you leave enough time to mosey over to the nearby Pelican Inn and quaff a cold one (or two).

The Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride: Woodside to Pescadero

Amongst the Redwoods on Tunitas Creek Road

A Peninsula classic, this ride combines challenging climbs, fast descents, superb scenery, and some great views for ride you won't soon forget.

The Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride: Sweeney Ridge

Sweeney Ridge Map

Today’s ride will be a test of your climbing legs as we venture to the top of one of the more little known areas of the GGNRA in San Mateo county, Sweeney Ridge. Although it has been immortalized in one of the many iconic posters from the Parks Conservancy, it gets nowhere near the visitors other areas of the park receive.

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