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US Half Marathon

Look of the Week: (Half) Marathon Shopping

There's running, and then there's running.

Sunday's US Half Marathon happens to fall into the latter category, which means it's time to ditch the ratty tee you've worn to the gym since college and invest in some serious running gear.

Even though you'll probably look a bit, um, flushed by the end of the race, this week's look guarantees you'll still look fab when crossing the finish line.

Tips for the US Half Marathon This Weekend

It's the US Half Marathon this Sunday, a 13.1-mile course that begins in Aquatic Park, crosses the Golden Gate Bridge and winds its way back through the Presidio to the starting point (check out an interactive course map here). 5,000 people have entered, and the times to beat are 1:08:20 for men (Fernando Cabada of Fresno, CA in 2007) and 1:18:58 for women (Jane Kibii of Kenya in 2007). Intense. But even if you're not out for a record-breaker, the course, one of the most picturesque in the country, can be challenging.

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