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Local Lingerie for Valentine's Day

Whether you’re single and pajama-bound this Valentine's or dolled up and dating, trot proud in a touch-me-now number from a local lingerie darling, each with uniquely flattering designs to make you weak in the knees.

LoveSick 4: Fashion for the Frustrated

Picture Sid and Nancy meets Valentine's fashion ball -- after all, love and fashion are nothing if not vicious.

Whether you're sick on it or sick of it, set love aside and let lusty lingerie take the stage tonight at LoveSick 4.

Countdown to V-Day: Tell Tale's (Sweet) Heart Picnic

A romantic picnic on Bernal Hill is my kind of Valentine’s. Climb to the top with a bottle of prosecco and Tell Tale Preserve’s Heart cloth bundle of V-Day goodies, and you’ve got a simple (and dreamy, if you time it right with the sunset) date. Inside a Japanese furoshiki, the passion-coffee caramels are perfectly soft and chewy, but the standout is a small Weck jar of passion-olive oil curd. It's tart, creamy, and easy to spread on the short loaf of chocolate brioche that comes in the set (along with dark chocolate passion bonbons). $75 at Tuesday and Saturday’s Ferry Building Farmers Market and online.

Countdown to V-Day: Au Coeur Des Chocolats

My boyfriend will tell you that chocolate doesn't last more than an hour at our house—especially if it's a solid bar of something dark, very dark. But the nine-piece box from Au Coeur Des Chocolates (hand-dipped in Dogpatch) made me pause—enough to slow down for two whole days and appreciate the jewel-like bonbons, each no bigger than a stamp, with their delicate, air-brushed designs. There's something artful about the speckled ginger, the way the geodesic shell snaps and gives way to spiced, dark, and smooth ganache with wild honey. My eyes went for the passion fruit heart covered in fine white couverture; the buttery shell perfectly balances the bright, creamy fruit.

Scenes of the City: Love in San Francisco

A couple enjoys the view from Twin Peaks.

In this week's edition of Scenes of the City, we're celebrating Valentine's Day with some appropriately lovey images. While 7x7 did not ask each and every one of these people if they were "in love" (which might have gotten awkward) they all appear to be sharing a moment with a special someone or two.

All photos and copy by Joseph Schell

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