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valentine's day

Vegan Aphrodisiacs to Get You In the Mood

Sure, oysters will boost your sex drive, but what about vegan lovers in need of a libido pick me up? Certified herbalist Emanuel Donval has created fast-acting vegan love potions that ease your mood so you can feel aroused and relaxed. Emanuel's Elixirs are a collection of herbal aphrodisiacs used to celebrate love and intimacy that provide emotional and physical support. 

Send Your Sweetie One of These Adorable Bike Valentines

Remember how great it was to get valentines in elementary school? You’d walk through the classroom and put a valentine on everyone’s desk and come home with a bag full of cards. The cards were always so awesome, with witty phrases—like a Star Wars one that says “Yoda one for me” or a Batman one that reads “I’m batty for you.” Ah, memories.

Valentine's Day Private Pilates

My pilates teacher, Karii Rürup-Coleman, once said, "Couples who work out together, stay together." And for that she's offering a private duet pilates session for you and your sweetie in lieu of the usual Valentine's Day cheese.

Ditch the Clichés with 10 Alt-Valentine's Day Ideas

After a few years in the game, a Valentine's Day and/or night spent dropping hard-earned dough on dinner reservations you snagged months in advance paired with the usual present-giving mumbo jumbo starts to seem a little....boring.

Say, "Be Mine, ALL MINE" with These Locally Made Sweet Treats

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day is coming, a day many loooove to hate. But here’s the bright side: Whether you’re single or coupled up, anyone can appreciate delicious sweets.

How Are You Spending Valentine's Day? Show Us on Instagram

How Are You Spending Valentine's Day? Show Us on Instagram

Today's the kind of day when people are either completely stoked on life or waiting for the moment they can post up at a bar and drink until they forget they're single. Do you love or hate Valentine's Day? Do you dress in all red, or drown your sorrows with your friends by singing angry karaoke songs? We want to know, via Instagram.

Why Men Hate Valentine's Day

Why Men Hate Valentine's Day

At dinner with a friend’s middle school tween, I asked what he had in store for Valentine’s Day. The eighth grader planned to give a special red note to his newly beloved girlfriend (of six weeks). Ah, to be young and not jaded.

Most men absolutely loathe Valentine’s Day. I decided to poll my male friends and find out where the hatred lies. As a service to all you guys out there (and, more importantly, a lesson for the gals) here’s some insight on why dudes despise V-Day, straight from the mouths of men:

Foodie Agenda: Valentine's Day Dinner Menus and more

Foodie Agenda: Valentine's Day Dinner Menus and more

Friday, Feb. 10

Cafe Prague is throwing a free pre-Valentine's Day block party to kick of the weekend in the FiDi. They're taking over Merchant Alley with beer, sausages and sauerkraut. Ladies can enjoy $3 pints from 4-7 pm, while the first 40 guys will receive vouchers for $2 off pints and 1/2 pints of Staropramen beer. DJ Doctor will be on the turntables to keep the mood going.

Saturday, Feb. 11

Bike-Loving Singles, Find Your Sweetie at Love on Wheels

Bike-Loving Singles, Find Your Sweetie at Love on Wheels

Any given Saturday at Zeitgeist or Gestalt will reveal one simple truth: San Francisco has a lot of bicycle loving singles. But have no fear, pedal lovers, you won’t have the last bike hanging in the bar stall anymore—or at least you have one good shot coming up to find your bike loving partner. Next Wednesday, February 8th, is the annual Love on Wheels event, the 1970s dating game for bike enthusiasts.

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