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Walkmen Don’t Run: Catching Up With the Band Before Their SF Date with Kings of Leon

Wondering about the whereabouts of the Walkmen? The band -- not the dusty cassette player buried beneath that crusty sleeping bag, past-sell-date condom lei, and smudged mix tape of Minor Threat, Leaving Trains, and Saccharine Trust. You know, the dudes who strolled on past those New Yawk new rock tags and decided to carve out a sound of their own, choosing clattering, left-of-center arrangements crammed with rickety instruments and closer in spirit to Arcade Fire than the Strokes. I caught up with the Walkmen’s droll vocalist-guitarist Hamilton Leithauser via e-mail on the cusp of the group’s show tonight, May 21, with Kings of Leon at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

Walkmen Fever

There's some serious ticket scrambling and buzzing around tonight's Walkmen show at The Fillmore.  It's well deserved - their new album, You & Me, rocked.  We'll be there, so check back tomorrow to flip through photos from the show.

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