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SFIFF’s The Age of Stupid: Prepare to Get Planetarily Freaked Out (Again)

If you saw Wall-E and thought, “yikes, I don't want my great grandchildren to live in Outer-Space affixed to a giant slurpy and lounge chair, but thanks goodness it’s only a cartoon,” wait till you see The Age of Stupid Playing May 3-5 at the Kabuki, the film is part of the San Francisco International Film Festival.

7 Questions with Wall-E Director Andrew Stanton

Andrew Stanton is the man behind Wall-E, the animated apocalyptic tale about the last robot on earth. From the Oscar-winning director who also brought us Finding Nemo, in my opinion, this is his most brilliant work yet. I recently met up with Stanton at Pixar headquarters for another exciting installment of Seven Questions.

What do you hope audience members will take from Wall-E?
Andrew Stanton: I hope they are just as entertained as with other Pixar movie experiences but in a fresh, new way.
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