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Wax Idols

Local Band Name Breakdown: Wax Idols

Local Band Name Breakdown: Where we ask Bay Area bands the story behind their names. Don't pretend you never wondered.

Oakland-based Wax Idols, the badass group of gals (and one bass-playing guy!) banging out post-punk gems and one of our top 7 bands to watch this year, are quickly proving to be one of the rawest, rough and ready bands doing the dive scene in the city right now. Fronted by singer Hether Fortune (quoted here), they just debuted their first video to the Wire-esque "All Too Human", which we can't stop spinning.

Sic Alps On Their Latest Album "Napa Asylum," Opening for Sonic Youth and Local Bands They Love

One thing San Francisco's music scene will never be short on is ego, especially during a time when artists here are trend-setting at a breathless pace.

7 Local Musicians & Bands to Watch In 2011

A lot went on musically in the Bay Area this past year--just take a gander at our favorite fresh albums to drop in 2010. That said, it's time to move onto 2011. Here are 7 bands we think are going to make waves in the very near future:

Moon Duo

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