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We Wanna Be Friends With

We Wanna Be Friends With Dave Gilboa, Cofounder of Warby Parker

You've all heard the story of Warby Parker, yes? Well, in case you haven't, this guy Dave Gilboa was traveling in Thailand. He lost his $700 glasses. A poor (at the time) business school student at Wharton, he stumbled through the following semester practically blind. And then he got the idea for a startup.

We Wanna Be Friends with Villy Wang, Founder of BAYCAT

Raised by an immigrant single mother in the sweatshops of New York City, Villy Wang faced almost insurmountable obstacles to her dream of founding a new kind of nonprofit. 

We Wanna Be Friends With Christina Stembel, Founder of Farmgirl Flowers

When florist Christina Stembel was only 18-years-old she left the rural Indiana farm where she had grown up and moved to the big city, New York. “I was determined to get off the farm, and start a successful company that did something good in the world,” she explained.

We Wanna Be Friends With Style Blogger Girl With Curves

We're currently obsessing over San Jose-based style blogger Tanesha Awasthi, a.k.a. Girl With Curves. From her effortlessly full skirts to those signature big sunglasses, each of her well-curated outfits inspire us to put down our well-worn jeans, and opt for a sleeker silhouette (maybe with a pearl accent!). We caught up with the award-winning blogger and UC Berkeley alumna to ask her about her life in Silicon Valley. 

We Wanna Be Friends With Karl the Fog

Karl the Fog, San Francisco's much-loved/much-reviled fog, has made quite the name for itself on social media the last five years. We caught up with Karl to ask him about his name, his relationship to the sun, horror flick The Fog, and more.

We Wanna Be Friends With Pastry Chef Extraordinaire Maya Erickson

SF native and Lazy Bear pastry chef Maya Erickson has always had a passion for cooking, even choosing cooking shows over cartoons as a child.

We Wanna Be Friends With Susan Coss, Founder of Mezcal Week

Susan Coss likes to discover delicious things. The hunt for interesting flavors is what brought her to Oaxaca for the first time in 2003, to celebrate Dia de los Muertos and to explore the food scene. And although her first encounter with mezcal was “pretty terrible and overwhelmingly smoky,” her subsequent tastes of the distinct Mexican liquor turned her into an obsessive connoisseur. 

We Wanna Be Friends With Bourbon Master, Tom Bulleit

In 1987, Bulleit Bourbon founder Tom Bulleit—a Vietnam veteran and former attorney—recreated his great-great-grandfather's whiskey recipe with a few tweaks, creating one of the best American bourbons ever produced. 

We Wanna Be Friends With Susan Bennett, the Voice of Siri

With the recent launch of Apple's newest generation of iPhones, we started to wonder, exactly who is Siri? 

We Wanna Be Friends With Stephnie Weir, SF Improv Fest Host + Mad TV Alum

No offense to Billy Crystal or Josh Gad, but we're kinda in love with The Comedians star Stephnie Weir right now. 

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