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Weekend Guide

Weekend Guide: Ai Weiwei Is Back + Oakland Dance Festival

April may be winding down, but the events are heating up. 

Weekend Guide: Brainiac Trivia at Cal Academy + East Bay Art Galore

What are you guys up to this weekend? Nothing? We're here to change that.

Weekend Guide: Robots Making Sandwiches, Hunky Jesus, Holi Festival + More

Struggling to find someting to do for Easter? From the annual Hunky Jesus contest to a Holi Festival, here are the hottest events giong down in the Bay Area this weekend. 

Weekend Guide: Itani Ramen Pops Up + Blue Bottle's New Cold Brew

Whether you're a St. Patrick's Day enthusiast or prefer to lay low during the greenest and booziest Thursday of the year, we've got you covered with these Bay Area events. 

Weekend Guide: 50-Cent Dance Classes + 'Wicked' Returns to SF

Whether you're eating your heart out, sipping fine liquor, or dancing to the beat of your own drum, this weekend is a sure fire way to get your blood pumping. Don't wait, go and get'em tiger!

Weekend Guide: A Kings of Pop Dance Party + Hot Bras on Sale

This weekend brings you gorgy threads to shop, delicate sushi to sample, and the musicality of the King's of Pop. We're not sorry for the amount of fun you're about to experience.

Weekend Guide: Freda Salvador Sample Sale + The Bernie Sanders Cocktail

Bring on the spring fever! College basketball is back, your favorite (and least favorite) politicians have been turned into cocktails, and more awesome events around the Bay Area. Who's excited for March?

Weekend Guide: Alfred's Steakhouse Opens + Fauxnique at Oasis

February may be winding down, but the events are heating up! 

Weekend Guide: Libido-Enhancing Flowers, Mavericks + a Love Wall in Oakland

If you want to know which flowers are considered an aphrodisiac or you're dying to meet Tommy Chong, check out these local events over the three-day weekend. 

Weekend Guide: KitTea Super Bowl Catstravaganza + Taylor Swift Drag Tribute

February is heating up with the Kitten Bowl (or Super Bowl, if that's your thing) and Mardi Gras parties. Here's the scoop on what to do this weekend. 

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