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Weekend Guide

Weekend Guide: Ladies Arm Wrestling, 4/20, Goats & More

Get your weekend on with these can't-miss Bay Area happenings.

Weekend Guide: Vintner's Market & Market Street Revitalized

Sip wine, drink beer, and break bread in the Bay Area this weekend.

Weekend Guide: Return of the Giants, Hunky Jesus & Total Lunar Eclipse


This weekend, get ready for the return of the Giants, a total lunar eclipse, Hunky Jesus, and so much more.

Weekend Guide: Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon, Earth Hour, & Tiny House Movement

This weekend, get ready to run like a rock star, go dark for an hour, and rethink the tiny house.

Weekend Guide: Secret Breakfast, Pi Day, and Old-School Barbary Coast

What to do this weekend in San Francisco and Oakland.

This weekend, experience the legendary Barbary Coast, get in on a super-secret dining experience, celebrate Pi Day (π = 3.14, for our liberal arts readers), and more. 

Weekend Guide: Foraged Dinner, Instagram Art Party, and More

Party, drink, and be merry this three-day weekend. 

Weekend Guide: Brunch on Third, Robot Music Festival, & More

Where to spend this weekend if you're not into beer festivals. 

Weekend Guide: Pop-Up Yoga, New Topshop Line, & More

Only one more day until you're free to enjoy these weekend activities. 

Weekend Guide: Pizzeria Delfina's Birthday, SF Restaurant Week, and More!

Delicious events for the weekend ahead. 

Weekend Guide: SF Sketchfest, Miranda July, & More

Hot events to spice up your weekend. 

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