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Wendy MacNaughton

Wendy MacNaughton's NY Times Snacking

You know how it feels when you have a little surge of pride—pride that comes from knowing someone cool? I'm feeling that now because I know Potrero Hill-based artist and illustrator Wendy MacNaughton and just spotted her work in the Times (a few days late).

The Origin of the Golden Gate Park Bison

How did the bison get into Golden Gate Park? Local artist Wendy MacNaughton (who also did our July neighborhoods cover) has a new drawing out on the very subject.

Q&A With July Cover Artist, Wendy MacNaughton

Wendy MacNaughton, July's cover artist (who is also featured on Jen Bekman's 20x200 this month), has been chronicling the city for years through her drawings of commuters and "mental maps" of San Francisco neighborhoods (check out  her blog).

Buy Our July Neighborhoods Issue Cover as a Poster

For our July Neighborhoods issue, we commissioned Potrero Hill artist Wendy MacNaughton to draw a "psychological map" of SF neighborhoods for the cover and capture moments on Muni for our public transportation story. We couldn't be more delighted with the results. Says 7x7's Executive Editor Robin Rinaldi, "I love Wendy's art. It's gorgeously rendered, melancholy yet playful, clever yet sincere. Her 'mental map' of the city is my favorite cover of 7x7 ever."

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