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White Collar Brawler

White Collar Brawler: The Final Showdown Tomorrow

The long, sweaty and brutal fight for Nate "The Moose" and Kai "The Half-Asian Sensation" of San Francisco-filmed White Collar Brawler culminates in a final showdown tomorrow night. The guys, who ditched the grind of their 9-5 jobs to get down and dirty and become amateur boxers for reality TV, are bringing their Fight Club-esque skills to the boxing ring to settle the show's most pressing question: Team Nate or Team Kai?

Google, Apple, Zynga, Yelp Enter the Boxing Ring (Literally)

For those who have wanted to see Google and Apple duke it out in the boxing ring, Thursday's your chance. While it won't be Jobs and Sergey throwing punches over smart phones, White Collar Brawler (the site behind the ever-popular 'Don't Stop Believing' Giants Video) has rounded up employees from Google, Apple, IBM, Zynga and Yelp to determine who's the "toughest geek in the valley."

'Don't Stop Believing' Giants Video Hits 1 Million Views

We know you've seen this "Don't Stop Believing" video by Ashkon and White Collar Brawler. The whole city's been singing it for days (in fact, Ashkon is singing it RIGHT NOW in Willie Mays Plaza). 

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