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4 Wine Bars With Food Worthy of Pairing

It’s time to say goodbye to the same old charcuterie and cheese plates at wine bars. Really, is that the only thing we can eat while drinking wine? Uh, no. Here are four places that have food menus that are just as appealing and varied as their wine lists. Have at it. And come hungry.

Heart, Barrique, Vinyl & More: How Wine Bars Are Getting Creative

In 1974, a new watering hole brought a wacky idea to the Financial District. London Wine Bar on Sansome Street (which has since closed) was modeled after the common European tasting room and boldly dubbed itself “America’s first wine bar”—a claim that’s widely believed to be true among the vino-scenti. Pamela Busch’s now defunct Hayes & Vine made a similar statement when it opened in Hayes Valley in 1994. But it wasn’t until 10 years later that Hotel Biron, District, Nectar Wine Lounge, and Busch’s second wine bar, Cav, galumphed into town like a cork-popping brat pack begging to be followed.

Barrique: A New Wine Bar with Just the Juice

The past year has seen more and more creative wine programs. At Cotogna, wine director David Lynch has his Everything's-$40 wine program. At Frances, Paul Einbund serves his house blends for $2 an ounce. At Dcantr, you're encouraged to make your own blends.

Should Wine Bars Keep the Lecture Under the Cork?

Eric Asimov has a blog post today on The Ten Bells, his favorite Manhattan wine bar. His advocacy of this place really hit a mark, as it has been tweeted and re-tweeted all afternoon. What makes Ten Bells so cool? Well, the headline says it's a "place for wine without the lecture." Asimov adds that "the Ten Bells is just a great place to hang out" and that "perhaps most telling, you can always find a few people at the Ten Bells with no interest at all in wine."

I share Eric's appreciation for the unpretentious. What he wishes for, as do I, is a world without "wine bars," per se. Instead: a world with great bars that also have great wine lists.

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