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wine of the week

Wine of the Week: A Sauvignon Blanc for Every Occasion

I have a little something I like to call the Sauvignon Blanc test. It's fairly simple, really. The test involves drinking an entire bottle, late at night or early in the afternoon, with whatever you have small amounts of in the refrigerator: a bit of hard cheese, a few cornichons, last night's peas with pasta, a cold kale and ricotta pizza, perhaps.

Wine of the Week: A Funky Little Pinot Gris

On the rocky slopes of Sonoma Mountain, nestled between Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Chardonnay, are a few precious rows of Pinot Gris.

Wine of the Week: Under a Spell

When you're looking for a well-made wine on a budget second labels, or "second selections" as they are sometimes called, can offer an amazing value. In the case of Spell Estate's Nichole's Blend, a Pinot Noir from Sonoma Coast, there is really nothing second about it, except for the price.

Wine of the Week: K is for Kesner

It doesn't happen often enough, but every once in a while a wine speaks to you. In a lineup of a dozen or more wines, at a dinner party so crowded with and food and conversation that there is no room for reflection, the wine in your glass suddenly says: Hey, pay attention. I have something to say. 

Wine of the Week: Origami Chardonnay

"I'm a fiend for Chardonnay," says Justin Harmon. And indeed, there is something mischevious about the way he says it. We are tasting his 2011 Origami Chardonnay made from what he claims is the coldest vineyard in California.

Wine of the Week: From Araujo to The Front Porch

From making wine for one of Napa Valley's most sought after estates to farming pigs in Sonoma County may not be the most obvious move, but for Matt Taylor, it was.

Wine of the Week: Burgundy's Best-Kept Secret Grows in Sonoma

When Kathleen Inman decided to turn her hobby of growing things into a job and moved from her farm in northern England to the Russian River Valley, the Napa Valley native knew she wanted to grow something white to compliment her 10 acres of Pinot Noir. The obvious choice would have been Chardonnay, but Kathleen had a secret.

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