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Yo La Tengo

NOISE POP 2011 Photos: Yo La Tengo @ The Fox Theater

Yo La Tengo performed at Oakland’s Fox Theatre last night, continuing their Spin The Wheel Tour. The stakes are pretty high when the theme of the first set is determined strictly by the spin of a wheel. The possibilities ranged from "The Name Game", songs containing peoples monikers, to “Sitcom Theatre”, during which band members perform a 30 minute TV sitcom script in its entirety. Last night’s spin landed on "Dump", thus the first set featured songs by bassist James McNew’s side project. Prince’s "The Beautiful Ones" was also performed during the first set, obviously in homage to his Purpleness’s Oakland shows.

Album Review: Yo La Tengo’s ‘Popular Songs’

Time can be so unkind to rock bands as they stick around, age and refuse to break up: Some burn out – others fade away. Still others like Yo La Tengo manage to mine remarkably rich new veins in the ground they’ve broken long ago. Much like the rock-solid coupledom of bandmates Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley, this group refuses to call it splitsville, especially since it continues to find new songs to sing, popular or no.

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