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Our 5 Favorite Pancakes in San Francisco

Our 5 Favorite Pancakes in San Francisco

Is San Francisco a pancake town? Flipping through chocolate chip-studded pumpkin pancakes at Dottie's (28 6th St.), Southern style sweet potato cakes at Brenda's (653 Polk St.) brunch, and even delicious savory takes at Nan Korean (1560 Fillmore St.) and Suppenkuche (525 Laguna), I'm still not sure. It's not easy to find the classic golden Bisquick numbers around here, but San Francisco is certainly a place for seasonal, atypical riffs that probably shouldn't get within an arm's length of Aunt Jemima. Here, our top five very San Francisco pancakes, with one classic take thrown in for good measure.

Pumpkin Morning, Noon and Night: An Exercise in Seasonality Disorder

We've broached seasonality disorder once or twice in the past. Maybe you experience it while biting into a peach on a cold August day. Or perhaps you really get that Twilight Zone feeling after seeing roasted asparagus (topped with an egg of some sort?) on menu after menu after menu after menu during the spring. Now that it's November, pumpkins and squashes explodeth all over the place, but—blessedly—their versatility keeps us guessing.

Oldies But Goodies: 7 Stand-By Restaurants Doing Very Good Things

It's Fall. And with Fall, restaurant openings go haywire. Charles Phan's Wo Hing General Store, three new BBQ/Southern-inspired restaurants (in the Mission and the Marina) and the first of three Bay Area Umami Burgers should be opening in the next few months. And that's just off the top of my head. With soft-opening this, and grand opening that, firing off left and right, sometimes it's nice—necessary, even—to step back and relish the gems that've been sitting here, right underneath our noses, for years: the Chez Papas, Canteens, and Outerlands of our city. This post is dedicated to the San Francisco fixtures that haven't just survived for three, five, maybe even 20 years, in our cutthroat restaurant-scape; they've flourished. And you better believe they've got something good in the works for the next few months.

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