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Ex Machina’s Eonnagata at Zellerbach Hall

Take a cross-dressing 18th century French spy, a famous French dancer, a boundary-pushing director, a celebrated choreographer, stuff them all on a stage, and you get Eonnagata, a powerfully original alchemy of theater and dance.  

Inspired by the kabuki theater tradition where men portray super-stylized women, Eonnagata explores the life of Charles de Beaumont, an elusive public figure - soldier, diplomat, Sidney Bristow-esque secret agent - who turned gender-switching into such a long-lived career strategy that eventually people no longer remembered if he was really a man or a woman.

Brush Up On Your Iambic Pentameter for Shakespeare's 'Love's Labour's Lost'

Ever wondered what seeing a Shakespearean comedy would be like back in the day when the Bard was still writing them? Well, Shakespeare's Globe Theater, which is presenting Love's Labour's Lost at Cal Performances this weekend, comes pretty close to the real deal.

Medieval sets? Check. Renaissance music? Check. Old English linguistic acrobats that take you back to English Lit 101? Check.

To-Do This Weekend: See Mark Morris

My non-dance-aficionado friends have a saying: If you're going to take me to a ballet, make it one of the best. They have a point: If you want to dive deeper into classical music, you start with Mozart or Beethoven. Thing is, most of the time, the creators of "the best" are already dead and their works have become lofty, durable standards—not fresh, of-the-moment creations. That's why modern choreographer Mark Morris matters. Very much alive and kicking at 54, Morris has been creating compelling, instant classics since his early twenties.

David Sedaris, Live and in Paperback

Just in time for beach reading, David Sedaris’ latest, When You Are Engulfed in Flames comes out in paperback this June. His latest collection of essays focuses on him turning 50, matters of death and mid-life crisis-ing. And just in time for plane travel season, Sedaris is also included in a forthcoming collection of stories about air travel, Flight Patterns: A Century of Stories about Flying (also in June.)

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