Tahoe Weekend Game Plan


Escaping to Tahoe this weekend for a little Super Bowl and ski action? Here's your game plan.

The Drive Up
Sneak out of the office early on Friday. A moderate storm system is forecasted to hit late tonight, so add an extra hour to 90 minutes of travel time if you can't leave before 3 to account for drivers freaked out by the snow (Worry not, you can count on CHP and Cal Trans to keep the roads relatively un-dicey). If you're riding highway 80, bypass the usual In-n-Out action and hit up Smokey's Kitchen in Truckee for tasty local BBQ. And then there's the staple Ikeda's stop. Obviously, get a pie or two (we recommend the wild black cherry), but also try their Beef Minetstrone soup, which is new to the diner, or their Chicken Pot Pies, made from scratch daily. If you want to woo your Tahoe hosts into a repeat invite, pick up a mango or marion berry salsa. They won't disappoint.

The Snow
Resorts are expecting a foot to eighteen inches of new snow. Win. And... at least 90% of chairs and runs will be open with smaller than normal lift lines (snow scares away pansies). Expect to slide and stack on a hard pack base at the bottom with softer snow towards the top. It's gonna be chilly, so make sure you bring a solid pair of goggles and potentially a face warmer if you're planning on heading up high. (Don't worry, face warmers aren't for pansies).

The Scene

Now listen up, The Superbowl is proof that America loves you. Game time is 3:25 (that's West Coast time) so even if you're cabin bound, get out there and celebrate your country. For your staple sports bar, hit up the Blue Coyote in either Squaw Village or Truckee. We're talking flat screens viewable from every table, and an impressive beer, burger and wing selection. If you're looking to get rowdy with the locals, head to Pete N Peters in Tahoe City. And if you can't tear yourself away from the tables, perch yourself at the Crystal Bay Casino for the action.

The Drive Home

There's a 40% chance Sunday will be snowy, so shake off that hangover you didn't think you were going to have from drinking three beers (it's called Alchitude. Alcohol + Altitude = tipsy on the quicksy) and hit the hill, take some turns then get on the road. Head back anytime before 4pm and you'll be asleep in your snuggie by bedtime.

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