We never tire of seeing gorgeous videos of the Bay Area.

Gary Yost produces some pretty spectacular aerial videos. Here are two pristine examples: The first one shows our famous fog devouring the Bay Area, all while simmering under a silvery-blue full moonlight. Regarding the video, Yost points out, "Shot from the Mt. Tam Fire Lookout, it’s a new way of looking at something we all deal with during the summer but never are able to see for what it is… a magical mysterious tsunami of vapor that erases almost all traces of civilization every evening,"

Check it:

This second piece captures a Sun Glory, an optical phenomenon that looks like a saint's halo, on Mt. Tam. Yost notes, "This Glory manifested in the fog below me as a rainbow halo around the Fire Lookout’s moving shadow as I was leaving my shift on Sunday morning — and it’s freakin amazing."