Take Better Wine Notes with a Moleskine


Michael Broadbent, the famous wine guy and Christie's auctioneer, kept a note on every wine he tasted and eventually published this epic book of all them. That's pretty cool, as I often neglect to take notes on many of the wines I tasted and you know how the memory goes when you've had a glass of wine...

Anyway, it's not a bad resolution to take a little notation of the wines you taste, even if it's just the name of the wine and whether you liked or disliked it. Now you can do it fashionably, with Moleskine's has new line of "passion" oriented specialty books. I'm not sure when the Moleskine notebook became so fetishized. Probably somewhere in between the explosion of vintage clothing, art schools, and the English Patient's journal in an old volume of Herotodus. But, like cool glasses, they signal to others that you're creative and sophisticated.

There's specialized Moleskin for everything now, including wine. Here's what the new one offers:

  • Pages divided by printed tabs, with a themed layout for supporting you in taking notes.
  • Pages divided by blank tabs, that the user can personalize with the enclosed adhesive labels.
  • Blank pages for freedom of expression.
  • Enclosed adhesive labels, with words and icons. • Themed charts, calendars, glossaries, listings.

Anyway, I'll get one and see if it helps me take better, more regular notes. And, if not, I'll at least look like I'm sophisticated and creative.


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