Take Home Tasty Fungi On a Mushroom Hunt With Forage SF


Mushroom season has been slow in coming, but despite the dry and warm weather this winter, there are still some worthy fungi ripe for pickin' to be found on Pt. Reyes and the Sonoma Coast. 

The expert hunters at Forage SF offer a number of guided hikes through the mountains to teach forayers the basics in mushroom habitat and which of the fun little fungi are safe to eat. You could come across the fabled Matsutakes (a highly sought after fungi highly prized by the Japanese and Chinese for its distinct, spicy aroma) or the tasty hedgehog mushroom (these yellow-colored cuties taste sweet and nutty, have no poisonous look-a-likes, and are unlikely to be infested with maggots, yay!). Plus, there are the delicious black trumpets to look out for and all the different fungi you won't even see in restaurants, some of which you'll be able to take home to try out in your own dishes. 

There are a series of classes scheduled through March on either Pt. Reyes or the Sonoma Coast (the next one is this Sunday, February, 23 on Pt. Reyes), with famed forager Patrick Hamilton leading the way. The classes sell out quickly, so you'll probably want to book in advance. And block out your calendar now for Morel and Porcini classes coming in the spring! 

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