Talking About Coffee: It's What We Do


I honestly didn't think more could be written about coffee. But lo, here comes an article from Jeffrey Steingarten, esteemed Vogue food writer. For jaded San Francisco bean-addicts, raised on Ritual, finished on Blue Bottle and turned out to pasture with Verve and Ecco, I'm not sure that Mr. Steingarten's story (which is available only in the June print issue) adds a whole lot to the discourse, but it does set the record straight for East coasters, particularly a special breed of New Yorkers who believe they stand firmly at the center of the universe. But you don't have to take my word for it—here, a quote from the story:

"New York City is slowly catching up with San Francisco, where, it pains me to admit, the brewed-coffee revolution probably got its start."

And then, several paragraphs later, Steingarten describes his own personal Blue Bottle come-to-Jesus moment:

"Adapting a hand-sketched instruction sheet from Blue Bottle and grinding some very fresh Blue Bottle beans (roasted within the previous three days), we made our first batch of siphon coffee. Rachel and I reacted similarly. "It's like an explosion," she offered. "So many levels of flavor!" It was the best cup of coffee she had ever tasted. Me, I was impressed by the transparency, the crystalline quality of the coffee, like a window on a complexity of flavors that otherwise would be muddy and indistinct ... Never again did we have quite so breathtaking a coffee experience."

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