The Asian Art Museum kicked off a three-day tour of Asia with its Grand Tasting Gala, presided over by chef Martin Yan. The food- and fun-filled gala brought out more than 300 folks and raised $100,000 for the museum.

Tair Yannakitti, Deep Ouppabidfri                                     David Salinger, Karina Marie Diaz

Morgan MacGilligna, Lindsay Splendoria, Caty Thomson           Connie and Ben Kim

Ronald Uno, John Chintanaroad                                               Joanna Ngo, Amy Lee    

Mai Kai Lee, Martin Yan             Natalia Wodecki, Lindsay Mock   Julie Louie, Maggie Hong

Joanna Ngo, Joseph Wong            Bill and Samara Diapoulos          Polly Walton, David Lee

Brad Yick, Michelle Sun

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