Teatro Zinzanni's Spiegeltent: Where the "Whatever Happened To's?" Are Happening


Under the big top, it’s the 1970s all over again as the longest running 5-course 3 ring circus under a spiegeltent,  Teatro Zinanni, revamps itself yet again.

Having ensconced itself at the Embarcadero, this dinner theater in the round cabaret circus continues its decade long run with “SULTRY SUMMER MAGIC.” A brand new roster of B-list talent featuring some of the mediumest names in pop culture and top 40 radio from the early to mid-seventies will perform, starting May 7.

Maybe you found a cassette of the Honey Cone’s Greatest Hits at a sidewalk sale, but don’t have a cassette player to hear them sing the awesome pre-Craigslist classic “Want Ads” (…”Young Man Single and Free”).  You were wondering perhaps what ever happened to Bob’s friend the orthodontist from “The Bob Newhart Show”?  Where oh, where, you want to know, did the graceful sport of roller-blading go?  How bout Hot Lips Hoolihan, from Mash the movie, not the TV show.

All are back this Spring and Summer to delight diners with their career longevity. Melba Moore, Edna Wright and the Honey Cone, Sally Kellerman and Darlene Love ("He's A Rebel,” "Da Doo Ron Ron", "He's Sure The Boy I'm Gonna Marry") will all sing their hearts out as hostess Madame ZinZanni.  And The Randols, will make their US debut with their hoola-hooping and roller-blading Euro-acrobatics.

And Jerry the Dentist? Directing!

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