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Editors Review the Top Wearable Fitness Trackers

Our editors strapped on the latest wearable fitness trackers to inspire daily detachment from our computers (and maybe shed a few pounds in the process).

The 8 Best White Glove Apps in San Francisco

Whether you're busy, bed ridden, or just plain lazy, it's a dream to live in a city where everything from premium Napa Valley wine to gorgeous flower boquets can be delivered to your door step same day. That's why we rounded up the best white glove apps around town. Because why would you do it yourself when there's an app for that? 

Muni Tests New App to Pay Fares

In the age of the Clipper card, it amazes me when I still see someone whip out cash to pay for their Muni ticket. I guess the Municipal Transportation Agency feels the same way, because they're working on a new smart-phone app that will allow riders to pay their fare sans bills and change. 

Apple Unveils New iPhone 6 and Watch

At last, Apple revealed the new iPhone 6 today during a press conference at their Cupertino headquarters. The highly-anticipated new phone comes in two sizes (the iPhone 6 measures 4.7 inches and the iPhone Plus comes in at 5.5 inches, larger than the iPhone 5s' comparatively puny 4 inches), appears noticeable thinner than ever before, and features super sharp Retina HD screens. 

Seven Can’t-Miss Experiences At NewCo SF

NewCo SF

If “conference” brings to mind mindlessly munching on stale crackers under the glaring florescent lights of a hotel ballroom, then NewCo is definitely not a conference.

New App LOLy Brings Sexy Emojis to Your iPhone

There's not much in the way of SF-savvy emojis in the current app store, and we're getting pretty bored of the same thumbs up and smoochy lips we've been sending our BFF for years. Where's the burrito? Where's the Ghiradelli chocolate? That's where LOLy comes in. 

Fashion, Robots, and the Evolution of Cities at Autodesk Design Night

Autodesk Design Night

San Francisco is more than familiar with the concept of tech, but it’s easy to forget that technology intersects with art, athletics, and fashion. Monthly Design Night parties at the Autodesk Gallery in downtown SF allow guests the opportunity to dive into different themes and explore how tech transforms a multitude of industries.

2014 Hot 20: Elon Musk, the Visionary

CEO of SpaceX, CEO of Tesla Motors, Cofounder of PayPal / age 43

2014 Hot 20: Angela Ahrendts, the Retail Genius

Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores at Apple / age 54

2014 Hot 20: Open Gov, the Reformers

Nate Levine, Cofounder / 23, Mike Rosengarten, CTO / 27, Zac Bookman, Cofounder and CEO / 34

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