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Saucee: Your Online Source of Local Organic Sauces


Original, organic, local, fresh, seasonal, vegan, gluten-free–all of those adjectives describe the first five spicy sauces created by local startup Saucee, which is currently in the process of wrapping up a successful Kickstarter campaign to expand production and deliver its products online to you.

UrbanSitter Expands its Internet Babysitting Footprint


Over the past year and a half since its launch, SF-based UrbanSitter has been helping thousands of Bay Area parents connect with babysitters via the social web–to the point where over 9,200 parents and 3,100 sitters are using the service.

Co-Founder Julia Hartz on Her Role as the "Operator" at Eventbrite

Julia Hartz

Among successful technology companies based in SF, one floating perhaps a bit under the radar is the leading online event and ticketing platform, Eventbrite.

From its offices strategically positioned on Brannan Street between the Caltrain station and the Sixth Street off-ramp of 280, Eventbrite sold 36 million tickets worth $600 million in 179 countries last year.

Caviar Delivers Meals From Yelp Four-Star Restaurants Seven Days A Week

Now there’s a new way to order meals online from those Yelped-about neighborhood restaurants that don’t deliver themselves and it’s a web app called Caviar.

Park.IT, the Mobile App That Helps You Avoid Parking Tickets

Handing out parking tickets is big business for the City of San Francisco – to the tune of some $134 million a year.

And there are oh-so-many ways you can get one of those citations, given the city’s complex and expanding set of parking rules. (For example, did you realize that you now have to feed the meters all over town on Sundays?)

Luckily, a new smartphone app (for iOS and android) called Park.IT, has a built-in SFMTA parking regulation interpreter that is regularly updated to help you avoid some of those tickets.

Ajent is a New Web Service Offering Curated Style Content and Products


Meghan Higney, who just launched a new website and email subscription service called Ajent, which curates style content and product offers, has one of the more dramatic founder’s stories I’ve come across lately.

“I was outside, wearing heels and my feet hurt. I sat down on a ledge and fell backwards some distance to the concrete. I crushed four vertebrae in my back and was bedridden the next two months.

Can Entrepreneurs Help Solve the Plastic Pollution Problem?

plastic pollution coalition

The search for innovative solutions to societal problems by encouraging entrepreneurs to get involved is one of the notable features of the current tech boom centered in and around San Francisco.

Rezhound Can Help You Get a Table in the Most Exclusive Restaurants


We’re one week away from what is usually a very difficult night to score a reservation at a nice restaurant, so if you haven’t acted yet, you may want to check out a brand new SF-based service called Rezhound.

Oomea’s New Restaurant Review Platform Helps You Discover New Cuisines


The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the world’s great regions for dining out, both in terms of the quality and sheer diversity of cuisines available here.

But when it comes to going out to restaurants, the people I’ve known have fallen into two broad categories – those who like to return again and again to a favored spot, and those who are more adventurous, always on the prowl for a new place or a new type of cuisine.

Oomea, which is launching today, is most definitely for the latter type of diner.

Keas Turns Health and Wellness Programs into Fun and Games


It’s no secret that the workplace is not always the healthiest environment for people. There tends to be a lot of sitting around at desks or in meetings; there’s often a lot of stress; opportunities to exercise can be rare; and rushed, unhealthy snacks and meals are often the norm.

SF-based Keas is focused on mitigating all that. It offers employee wellness programs to large companies (and in the future, smaller companies as well) that draw on social media, gamification, motivation theory and psychology.

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