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For Your Next Vacation, Let GetGoing Get You the Lowest Airfare


When planning your next vacation, keep in mind the intriguing new online booking platform called GetGoing.

TCHO Expanding its Line of Fair Trade, Organic Chocolates

On the back of every package that is produced at the TCHO chocolate factory at Pier 17 are the words “No Slavery.”

Inside Flickr's World, From Bernal Heights to Tokyo

A couple weeks back, while driving past the park that sits atop Bernal Heights, I came upon the unexpected sight of a large group of people jumping up and down and taking photos of each other.

Stripe is the Payment System Under the Hood at Lots of Your Favorite Sites and Apps


Over the past year, when I’ve asked many of the startups I’ve covered– including SideCar, Postmates, Shoptiques, Exec, and Lyft–how they integrated a payment system into their sites and apps, they’ve all mentioned another SF-based startup, Stripe, as their solution.

Grokr is an Intelligent Personal Search Assistant on iOS


In the world of intelligent personal assistant apps, there’s a David v. Goliath story developing, and that would be Grokr v. Google Now.

Rev Puts More Money in Freelancers' Pockets

If it sometimes seems like almost everyone you know is going freelance these days, there’s some substance to that perception, as giant hubs like oDesk and Elance have proven.

Rover Helps Dog Owners Find Sitters and Boarders Nearby

When it comes to online p2p marketplaces, Seattle-based ‘s version might be called a “pet-to-person” network.

Sunrun's Solar Power Plans Let You Lease Panels and Save Thousands


In recent years, the cost of converting your home to solar power has fallen dramatically, as the option to lease rather than purchase solar panels has become available.

Mosaic Makes Investing in Solar Energy Possible With as Little as $25

Oakland-based Mosaic, which provides an online platform for investing in solar energy projects, allows people in California to invest as little as $25 in such projects.

This unprecedented democratization of clean energy development is currently encountering some delays as regulators try to catch up with its highly promising and disruptive investment model.

Our Parking Guru Talks the Latest Version of His Parking App, VoicePark

VoicePark app

When it comes to parking apps, hands down one of our favorites is VoicePark, conceived by our very own parking guru, David LaBua. As SXSW's tech and interactive sessions wind down, VoicePark's second version is gearing up to save the rest of us time and even money when it comes to the never-ending quest for parking in San Francisco (and beyond). Here, an interview LaBua, author of Finding the Sweet Spot and CEO of VoicePark.

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