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Shopular Alerts You to the Best Deals When You Enter a Mall

Most people this holiday season will have spent a lot of money shopping in those good old brick and mortar stores in malls, probably with a smartphone in their pocket the entire time.

A few will have taken the effort to locate the best deals and coupons ahead of time, and to clip or print them out, and then actually remember to bring them along on the shopping trip.

The rest of us, however, will have missed out on some pretty good deals.

Shopular wants to fix this.

Wrapp Aims to Make Online Gift-Carding as "Easy as Saying Happy Birthday on Facebook"

As I key in these words, so many gift cards are being exchanged across the US that–if you listen closely–you can almost hear them swishing by, rather like reindeer pulling an invisible sleigh.

It’s estimated to be roughly a $110 billion/year market and the average American now gives about five gift cards per year–the vast majority of them right now, during the holiday shopping season.

Gift Ideas for the Tech-Savvy Person in Your Life

This holiday season, there is, of course, a vast array of flashy tech gadgets, including many product upgrades, available for you to buy for those on your list.

Beyond all the tablets, e-readers, and HD-TVs, however, are other gifting options, including some that you may not have considered yet.

Dropcam's Online Video Monitoring Includes Growing Number of Public Cams


SF-based Dropcam, which provides HD WiFi Video monitoring and online DVR recording so you can check on your kids, pets, or anything else remotely, manages a massive amont of of video in the cloud.

“We take in more video than YouTube by an order of magnitude,” says company co-founder and CEO Greg Duffy. “And that video is accessible for all devices, laptops, android, iOS, including the iPad from anywhere in the world.”

Razoo's Gaming Guru with Charity on the Brain Comes to SF

Lesley Mansford

“It is a scientific fact that giving makes you feel good—it literally raises the endorphins, just like games do,” says Lesley Mansford, a video-game marketing vet who is using her tech savvy to her philanthropic advantage. “If you can mix gaming mechanics with giving, that’s a very powerful elixir,” she says.

As CEO of six-year-old D.C. startup Razoo, which opened its second headquarters in San Francisco this summer, Mansford is looking to help charitable ventures cash in with “crowdfunding,” that buzzword made popular by Kickstarter.

BuyVia's App Alerts You to Deals at Nearby Stores, Helps Find the Best Prices


New research from the smart shopping service BuyVia indicates that 40 percent of all shoppers are “showrooming” this holiday season, i.e., taking photos or scanning or examining products in retail stores with mobile apps before deciding where to buy those products at the best price.

Meanwhile, a recent Nielsen survey found that 78 percent of mobile shoppers have used their device to locate a physical store, and 63 percent have checked prices online while shopping.

Farmigo Brings Online Farmers Markets to You


If you like buying fresh food at the farmers market and supporting local farmers, you’ve got a brand new option as of today in San Francisco, and that is to set up your own localized weekly delivery site and manage it online.

Farmigo is launching this initiative here and in New York, with other cities to follow soon.

Desti is a Siri-Like Travel App for Northern California Outings

Desti App

Since Apple introduced Siri last year, millions of people have become familiar with the intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator.

Now, another artificial intelligence app that uses a natural language user interface is on the scene.

Colorized, an App That turns Your iPhone into a Social Sketchpad


A little more than six months ago, Yan-David Erlich was sitting in a restaurant when he noticed a waiter bring a black-and-white coloring pad plus some crayons to the children sitting at the next table.

“I started wondering what the online equivalent of that was,” he recalls. “And I realized that while it’s hard to draw with a mouse, it’s easy when you use your fingers on a touchscreen.”

That realization led to Colorized, an iPhone app that facilitates “social sketching.”

Publish Your Own Book at a Low Cost with Blurb

Blurb Books

Until quite recently, it would have been difficult and expensive for you to publish your own physical book, especially one filled with photos.

But thanks to San Francisco-based Blurb, and its on-demand publishing platform, you can do so now for as little as $3.95 for a pocket book to $49.95 for a large, 12 by 12-inch coffee table book.

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