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Duck Duck Moose Creates Educational Apps for Young Children

In 2008, Caroline Hu Flexer noticed how her two-year-old daughter was playing with an iPhone. “At that moment, I saw a big opportunity for learning on mobile devices for kids not even able to read yet or possessing the fine motor skills to use a mouse.”

Since then, the co-founder of Duck Duck Moose has helped create 14 educational apps for iOS and android devices, all of which have won Parents Choice Awards.

Lumosity Aims To Improve Your Brain's Performance Over Time

“Reclaim your brain.”

That’s the tagline at Lumosity, the online training program focused on improving cognitive abilities like memory and attention.

Thrillcall is the Best New App to Discover SF's Live Music Scene


You don't have to live in San Francisco long to know that we have a seriously world-class music scene on our hands here. In any one week, you can see a fuzzed-out garage band that's the darling of the indie scene, jazz legends play at Yoshi's, a performance by the SF Symphony, or world-famous pop legends take over the stage at the Fillmore. One way to see every show that's at your fingertips and get great offers? The new iPhone and Android app from Thrillcall.

Once you download it, you'll be able to discover local concerts and venues in the city, get the best prices and purchase them through the app. And it's so easy to use. Building a Community of Curators Sharing “Ideas that Matter”

When we first looked at, soon after it launched in late 2011, we described it as “a one-click publishing platform that allows curators to publish beautiful online magazines.”

Today, while that description still holds true, appears to be evolving into a community of content curators who follow – not each other – but each other’s topics.

One of’s intriguing aspects is being organized around topics as opposed to the people doing the curation.

This differentiates the site from Facebook and Twitter, and it also seems to be resulting in a more professional look and feel – more of a LinkedIn in that sense, than a personal network.

A New High-Tech Way to Help Golfers Improve Their Swings


One cold, foggy morning recently, I found myself at the Presidio Golf Course driving range watching Ray Leach drive a golf ball into the wind over 250 yards from the tee.

The golf pro, a former player on the PGA Tour, was demonstrating a new technology called SwingTIP, which is a wireless 3D motion sensor device that helps golfers improve their swings., a Social Network for Academics and a Free Publishing Platform, May Change Science Research is a social network for academics, especially scientists, and a platform where they can self-publish their scholarly work.

The San Francisco startup thus is fulfilling the original vision of Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the web essentially to share documents and communications of these types.

Marqeta Offers a Reloadable Debit Rewards Card for Use at Hundreds of Local Merchants


When Starbucks introduced its reloadable debit card a few years back, Jason Gardner was impressed; so impressed he set out to build a card that could be used – not just in one store or chain – but at hundreds or thousands of venues.

The result is Marqeta, which aims to become “the most powerful piece of plastic on the planet – one that magically makes your dollar worth more,” according to Gardner, the startup's founder and CEO.

How Well Does Traveling with an iPad Work?

iPad Screen Shot

To no one’s surprise, Apple’s recent announcement of the iPhone 5 came with much fanfare. While it may have brought some answers, it no doubt stirred more questions for Apple, including questions about what people can expect in the near future for the iPad. One of the main questions that always arises is about whether the iPad can replace one’s personal computer.

Two Sense: Once I Start Online Dating, When Do I Turn My Profile Off?

I've been online dating for about three years after my divorce. My story is typical: I've met a lot of fine women, but nothing has stuck. After a few dates, or a few months at most, I can't seem to transition into a longer-term relationship given that there are thousands of other singles still waiting in the pool that might be a better match. Currently I'm at the three-month mark with a new woman, whom I really like. My question is: When do I turn my profile off? Going a step further, when do I quit this online dating thing for good and just stick to meeting people in the real world? It's how I found my first wife, and I didn't have this dilemma when falling in love with her.

Greenstack iPhone App Helps You Maximize Discounts at Restaurants

Greenstack App

“Saving money shouldn't be arduous,” says David Hehman, co-founder & CEO of GreenStack,Inc. “It should be fun and easy.” And that is what Hehman has set out to do. His product, greenstack, is a free, location-sensitive iOS app that enables you to redeem discounts and special offers at restaurants around town.

“There are lots of ways to save money, but you have to know about them when you are out on the go,” notes Hehman. “Otherwise, you're missing out on savings opportunities.

“It's staggering how many deals there are out there. We bring all the deals together in an aggregated view, so as a consumer you don't have to have ten apps, just one. After all, these deals are yours, you should be able to use them.”

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