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New Site Helps You Track Down Your Stolen Bike

Bike Theft

There’s nothing worse than coming out of a restaurant or shop and walking toward the bike rack or parking meter where you left your shiny, beloved bike and seeing the spot empty. Bike theft is heartbreaking. And frankly, way too common.

But thanks to the fine and geeky folks at San Francisco-based Pricenomics, you don’t have to spend your days obsessively searching every Craigslist in the Bay Area looking for your precious ride. You can search for it in one spot: Racklove.

Learnist is a Multimedia Social Learning Platform for Everyone


Farb Nivi, founder and chief product officer of the social learning company Grockit, calls the company’s latest product, Learnist, a “multimedia collaborative interactive ebook for the future.”

Four Wine Apps to Take for a Swirl

Because both the world of wine and the world of wine apps can be overwhelming, we’ve asked Napa-based social media and tech gurus of the wine world, VinTank, to recommend a few of their favorite new apps that were both released in 2012 and which they expect to continue to be useful well into 2013.<--break->

Threadlife Helps You Stitch 3-Second Clips Into Life Threads


Two weeks ago, Zappos founder Nick Swinmurn and BLITZ agency co-founder Ken Martin launched Threadlife, a social video iOS app that allows you to capture and share “threads” of strung-together three-second video clips they call “stitches.”

Wheelz Enters Car-Sharing Market, Backed by Zipcar and Bill Ford


As of the past month, the car-sharing sector has another serious competitor in San Francisco, as well on numerous campuses around the state. It’s called Wheelz.

Launched last year, initially at Stanford, the company now operates from its headquarters on Tenth Street in the city.

StumbleUpon's New Look


It’s been a busy year over at what is arguably the web’s top discovery engine, StumbleUpon.

From its offices in SoMA, the company has relaunched its website, plus apps for the iPhone and iPad, and most recently a new version of its product for Windows 8, for tablets and PCs.

Copious: A Personalized Social Marketplace That Gets Smarter as You Use It

Copious is a personalized social marketplace where people can buy and sell things to each other.

Like Pandora or Spotify, Copious gets smarter about you and your tastes the more you use it to browse the site, follow other users, “love” styles or clothes, and ultimately buy or sell some of those items.

DITTO's Virtual Try-On Technology Enables You to Buy Eyeglasses Online

On the floor at TechCrunch Disrupt last month, DITTO co-founder and CEO Kate Endress demonstrated how her 3D virtual video try-on technology provides a new way for consumers to buy eyewear online.

Hot 30: The Bay Area's Vibrant Innovators Making an Impact on the Worldwide Web


It’s Indian summer in San Francisco, and temperatures are on the rise. As are the local luminaries in our annual Hot 20, er . . . Hot 30. That’s right. We were so impressed by the crop of talent and brains moving the needle this year—in fields as diverse as technology, music, education, sports, and arts—that we added 10 bright stars to our list.

An App That Turns Online Dating Into A Game

When he got to this country from his native Czech Republic, David Semerad signed up at various online dating sites but didn’t like them.

“I tried several online dating sites myself and found them too stressful,” he says. “There is a long signup process. At you have to answer 60 questions. Most people lie anyway.”

So he decided to build a dating app “for people who hate online dating.”

In the process he turned dating into a game, which is called, simply, the Game

“Every day we introduce you to three people,” he explains. “You choose one. We serve up random icebreaker questions, like, ‘Is life easier for a man or a woman?’

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