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How Well Does Traveling with an iPad Work?

iPad Screen Shot

To no one’s surprise, Apple’s recent announcement of the iPhone 5 came with much fanfare. While it may have brought some answers, it no doubt stirred more questions for Apple, including questions about what people can expect in the near future for the iPad. One of the main questions that always arises is about whether the iPad can replace one’s personal computer.

Two Sense: Once I Start Online Dating, When Do I Turn My Profile Off?

I've been online dating for about three years after my divorce. My story is typical: I've met a lot of fine women, but nothing has stuck. After a few dates, or a few months at most, I can't seem to transition into a longer-term relationship given that there are thousands of other singles still waiting in the pool that might be a better match. Currently I'm at the three-month mark with a new woman, whom I really like. My question is: When do I turn my profile off? Going a step further, when do I quit this online dating thing for good and just stick to meeting people in the real world? It's how I found my first wife, and I didn't have this dilemma when falling in love with her.

Greenstack iPhone App Helps You Maximize Discounts at Restaurants

Greenstack App

“Saving money shouldn't be arduous,” says David Hehman, co-founder & CEO of GreenStack,Inc. “It should be fun and easy.” And that is what Hehman has set out to do. His product, greenstack, is a free, location-sensitive iOS app that enables you to redeem discounts and special offers at restaurants around town.

“There are lots of ways to save money, but you have to know about them when you are out on the go,” notes Hehman. “Otherwise, you're missing out on savings opportunities.

“It's staggering how many deals there are out there. We bring all the deals together in an aggregated view, so as a consumer you don't have to have ten apps, just one. After all, these deals are yours, you should be able to use them.”

SF-Based Tog+Porter Offers You a Personal Stylist and Fashion Based on Your Lifestyle

Growing up in the greater LA area and working later as a television reporter in New York City, Ellie Williams prided herself on her sense of style and ability to find the kind of clothes she both loved and needed for her professional life.

Then, a few years back, she went to work at a smaller market TV station in Eugene, Oregon, a city with far fewer clothes-shopping options.

New Social Network Launches for Women Facing Breast Cancer

A local startup that creates social networks for people managing chronic health conditions has launched a new one today for women facing breast cancer.

MyBreastCancerTeam (MyBCTeam) started beta testing with 50 San Francisco women in June and has grown quickly to over 1100 women since then.

Lyft Ride-Sharing Cars Are The Ones Sporting Pink Mustaches

As I was driving my daughter up Bernal Heights after school on Monday, I couldn't help but notice another car dropping off a passenger down the block, because it had a pink mustache on its grill.

The next day, returning from my son’s soccer game in the Mission, we passed a car with a pink mustache picking up a passenger.

Yesterday, when I was entering the concourse for the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, across the street was yet another car with a pink mustache.

Jybe Helps You Discover New Restaurants, Movies and Books

Jybe is a social recommendation app for the iPhone that gets smarter the more you use it, somewhat like Pandora or Netflix.

Initially, it focuses on three categories – restaurants, movies and books, and there’s a good reason for that.

Unlike much of the information available online, most of the digital data about restaurants, movies and books is structured in such a way that it is relatively straightforward for a technology like Jybe's to organize and display it.

Leading Women in Tech: Yoky Matsuoka at Nest Labs

Yoky Matsuoka, VP of Technology at Palo Alto-based Nest Labs, which makes a smart, energy-efficient home thermostat, didn’t follow a conventional path on her journey to the center of Silicon Valley.

She grew up in Japan, the only child of parents whose idol was tennis star John McEnroe. She herself was a nationally ranked tennis player when injuries forced her to choose a different path  – robotics.<--break->

InstaEDU Aims to Bring On-Demand Tutors Within Reach of Everyone

Now the kids are back in school, homework once again hovers over their heads like a large dark cloud – scary and threatening.

Even the best students complain about homework some of the time – it’s too hard, there’s too much of it, or they just can’t figure out this or that problem – often in math or science.

With ChefVille, Zynga Opens Its Doors to Share Tasty Food Values

Not a lot of things have been going right lately for Zynga, the big social game-maker headquartered at 8th and Brannan Streets, after a disappointing quarterly earnings report, a stock price  falling below $3/share, and difficulties connected to its close integration with Facebook.

But a bright spot in the midst of all this was the launch of the latest game in its ‘Ville series, ChefVille, earlier this month. It quickly became the most popular game on Facebook.

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