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Shaker Brings a Sense of Place to Facebook with the All-Virtual Club 53 in SF

Shaker Brings a Sense of Place to Facebook with Club 53 in San Francisco

The latest club to launch in San Francisco -- Club 53 -- last Friday night by Israeli brothers Yonatan and Gad Maor, has an impressive list of musicians lined up to visit and perform, including Far East Movement, Mayday Parade, Escape The Fate, and Daniel Bedingfield.

The brothers’ company, Shaker, has partnerships with BandPage, a leading platform for musicians online, and Live Nation, which will promote tours to Club 53, including the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival.

What’s different about the Maor brothers’ club is that it is all virtual; its only “address” is Facebook.

Hark Emerges as the YouTube of Pop Culture Sound Bites

Hark Emerges as the YouTube of Pop Culture Sound Bites

Seattle-based Hark bills itself as the “world’s largest platform for pop culture sound bites,” attracting more than 60 million visitors per month.

Users listen to, and share, their favorite movie, TV, politics or other pop culture sound bites with each other through social media.

Stanford Student Incubator StartX Launches Multiple Medical Startups

Over the past two years, StartX has emerged as an incubator for entrepreneurs among Stanford students.

Founder Cameron Teitelman conceived of the accelerator when he was still a student on The Farm himself, and to date, StartX has helped some 160 founders (out of 2,000 applicants) launch some 60 companies.

A Q&A with Leo Rocco, Creator of New Mobile Payments App, GoPago

A Q&A with the Man Behind New Food App, GoPago

Have you used GoPago yet? It's a cool, free new app that puts an end to waiting in line for food by letting you order and pay for everything from coffee to burgers straight from your smartphone. Sound good? We think it does too. Here, we present a little insight fresh from GoPago's CEO and founder, Leo Rocco on why the app will make your food future a lot brighter.

Q: Leo, first things first, what—in a nutshell—is GoPago?

Cairdean Winery Leverages Google Business Apps to Build a New Business

Cairdean Winery Leverages Google Business Apps to Build a New Business

Stacia Williams used to be a software engineer and a hobby winemaker on the side.

Today, she and her husband, Edwin Williams, run their own commercial winery, Cairdean, in Napa, that expects to turn out 5000 cases of wine this year.

In Shakeup,'s Founder David Talbot is Out as CEO

Founder and CEO David Talbot has left, according to a company filing with the SEC.

Munchery Expands Deliveries of Meals from SF's Personal Chefs to Marin

It’s been just over a year since we took our first look at Munchery, the San Francisco-based startup that delivers meals from professional chefs to your doorstep at an affordable price, and over that time the company has made great strides.

Last Friday the company expanded beyond the city to start serving Marin, with plans to add the East Bay and the peninsula down the road.

The Incredible Expanding Internet to Grow 3.5 Times Larger in 4 Years

In Incredible Expanding Internet to Grow 3.5 Times Larger in 5 Years

According to a new report by Cisco, the Internet is growing so fast that it will be more than 3.5 times larger than it is today, reaching a global IP traffic level of 1.3 zettabytes by 2016.

The Internet Might Transform the Way Women Shop for Bras

True&Co Aims to Tranform the Way Women Shop for Bras

Entrepreneurs often focus on the “pain points” faced by consumers and what they can do to address them.

The pain point Michelle Lam and Aarthi Ramamurthy want to address is the difficulty faced by women when buying intimate apparel, starting with bras.

With "Get It Now" App, San Franciscans Can Have Anything Delivered By Courier

When it launched with its first iPhone app last December, Soma-based Postmates represented what its founder, Bastian Lehmann, called “a FedEx for local deliveries” here in the city.

Its goal was to get every store in San Francisco to start using couriers to make home deliveries– something few merchants have done traditionally.

“But we met some resistance from the stores; they had lots of questions,” says Lehmann. “I realized we weren’t going to achieve our goal anytime soon.”

Meanwhile, while merchants may have been hesitant, consumers were not.

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