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Join us on Schemer and Win Giants Tickets!


Ready to slick that mustache back and take it out on the town this weekend? Looking to eat like a local, shop like a local and play like a local Take 7x7 with you, we want to be your accomplice on Schemer!

GrabFan Lets Sports Fans Share Game Predictions and Earn Rewards


Part of being an avid sports fan is a propensity for making predictions. We do it all the time, as in:

“Here comes Buster Posey. I bet he’s going to crush one over the fence.”

Turn Your Blog into a Book Using Hyperink

E-Book Publisher Hyperink Introduces “Blog Books”

Blog posts come and go quickly, which is one of the joys but also one of the frustrations of the trade.

Over time, you can publish thousands of posts that are several hundred words long each, which will quickly add up to millions of words.

The problem for most bloggers is how to better preserve and monetize all of this work?

Well, San Francisco-based ebook publisher Hyperink has come up with an option. This week, it is introducing a concept it calls “blog books,” which are short (10-12,000 word) compilations of a blogger’s best, say, 25 posts on a topic.

Inkling Teams Up With Frommer's to Publish Interactive Travel Guides

Inkling Teams Up With Frommer's to Publish Interactive Travel Guides

Inkling, the interactive digital publishing company, started out with textbooks on the iPad, then moved into consumer titles with its ProChef cookbook, and now has partnered with Frommer’s to publish iOS travel guides.

The first seven guides (for Japan, France, Spain, Great Britain, Costa Rica, California and Alaska) are available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Trulia's iOS App "Pushes" You Rental Info as Units Come on the Market

San Francisco-based Trulia, a national leader in the residential real estate search business, currently serves some 20 million unique monthly users.

And while it’s well established in the home sales market, more recently it has been moving aggressively into the rental space as well.

As anyone in the Bay Area knows, rental units can be hard to find these days. Trulia’s own figures show that rentals have gone up in price 11.1 percent in San Francisco over the past year (and 9.4 percent in San Jose.)

These changes in the rental market parallel the emergence of smartphones; thus the company's recent launch of a free iOS app, Trulia Rentals, provides some intriguing insights into how our lives are evolving in the mobile age.

Video Sharing App ShowYou Launches Web Channels

Video Sharing App ShowYou, in Paradigm Shift, Launches Web Grids

Earlier this year, we profiled ShowYou, the video discovery and sharing app with a distinctive grid-like interface that worked on all kinds of touch devices but reached its optimal form, not surprisingly, on the iPad.

As of today, ShowYou's Web Grids is now available by invitation on the web and the UI is closely aligned with that of the iPad version. Users can now share their whole grid (i.e. channel) of videos with friends, on the web.

"Where's the Sun?" You Can Ask This iPhone Weather App

"Where's the Sun?" You Can Ask This iPhone Weather App

Q - What do San Francisco, Calgary, Halifax and Santiago have in common?

A - Microclimates.

The Eatery, an iPhone App That Can Help You Eat Healthier (Check Out the Data)

The Eatery, an iPhone App That Can Help You Eat Healthier (Check Out the Data)

It doesn’t do justice to The Eatery, a free iPhone app from Massive Health, to describe it as just another app, because it doubles as a giant crowd-sourced study of how people actually eat.

As an app, it is very easy to use, and can help you eat in a healthier way going forward. To use it, you simply pull out your phone, establish where you are, take a photo of the food you are currently eating, give it a name (burger) and rate it along a sliding scale as to how healthy you think it to be.

7x7 Events Calendar Launches, SF Planning Problems Solved

7x7 Calendar

You know you want it. Now, you've got it. presents one source to help you figure out the ubiquitous San Francisco question "What's going on this week?" 

Two Sense: Help! My Boyfriend's Addicted to His iPhone!

Two Sense: Help! My Boyfriend's Addicted to His iPhone!

My boyfriend is a pretty good one in most regards, but he is addicted to his iPhone. It's never off his person, whether in a pocket or in his hand. He checks it constantly, at every break in activity or conversation, and often during activities and conversations. He tweets, Facebooks, emails and texts many friends and family dozens of times a day. At a restaurant, or on the couch watching TV, he's checking it. I'm no Luddite. I love my iPhone and social networks too. But this is excessive. I feel like I never have his total attention. Of course we've argued about it but it hasn't helped. What should I do? If I were to establish some ground rules, what would they look like? I'm about to smash the thing or throw it into the Bay.

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