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Google Glass Could Revolutionize Advertising with Pay-Per-Gaze

Woman wearing Google Glass

Advertising is a fickle industry. One minute you’re listening to a spot on the radio, the next you’re engrossed into a completely digitalized environment with advertisements sneaking into your every thought. Well, we haven’t reached that point yet, but Google Glass is strongly considering it. 

Why TechCrunch Disrupt SF Isn't Worth Missing

Photo via NY Daily News

There are few events that showcase the world’s most innovative, bright-minded thinkers in technology today, and even fewer do it better than TechCrunch Disrupt.

SF to LA in 35 Minutes? Hyperloop May Make it a Reality


If you don’t know much about the Hyperloop -- the proposed high-speed transportation system that’s got California travelers buzzing this past month -- there’s plenty to like about the idea. In theory, the design would revolutionize travel.

Google Wants to Fund 31 Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Around SF

Laptop in the park

Imagine setting up lawn chairs on a sunny day at Mission Dolores Park, opening up your laptop and getting to work on the Internet with your co-workers.

How Does Netflix Know You Better Than You?


If you want to come off as sophisticated, worldly, or artistically aware, you might want to think twice before sharing your Netflix recommendations.

Ballers Bridge Helps High School Athletes Who Are Not Stars Get to College

Ballers Bridge

Ballers Bridge is not your average startup; it's unusual on many levels.

GetGoing Adds Hotels to its Discount Flight-Finding Platform


Besides quickly finding discounted flights, travelers using the online travel startup GetGoing can now book hotels as well.

Questimate! App Actually Makes Math Fun


Ask parents about homework, and they'll say one of the hardest tasks they face is convincing a kid who is not math-oriented that math skills really matter out there in the real world.

Traveling Spoon Takes You "Off the Eaten Path" for Culinary Adventures

Traveling Spoon

If you’ve done much traveling around the world, you know that it can be frustrating sometimes to feel like a tourist, when what you’d really like to do is experience life as the locals live it.

Whistle Makes a Wireless Device That Monitors Your Dog's Health


Anyone who’s been through the agony of losing a pet to a disease that, had it been diagnosed sooner, might have been treatable, may want to take a close look at Whistle.

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