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Date 1 Without Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn ... Scary!

Q: I met a guy on OKCupid. We’ve IMed, and he’s asked me out, which is all fine. But I can’t Google him, and he’s not on Facebook or even on LinkedIn. I notice I feel uncomfortable about going out with him. Am I crazy? I don’t think he’s a serial killer or anything but even my 76-year-old Cincinnati grandmother shows up on a Google search these days!

Transported: The Best Transportation Apps Out There

Welcome to "Transported", our new weekly series about getting places in San Francisco, whether you take the bus or the BART, bike or drive. Come here to find the skinny on secret parking spots, the new bike lanes and how to get across town on Muni without losing your mind.

There are a million smart phone apps out there for hopping from place to place in the Bay Area, so how do you know which are worth downloading? Let us know which you use the most!

Free Delivery from Rosamunde, Jay's Cheesesteaks to Dolores Park with CityMint's iPhone App

Lazy Sundays in Dolores Park are about to get a whole lot lazier, thanks to CityMint's new iPhone app. It's a free service that delivers meals from nearby restaurants straight to your picnic blanket. They launched in New York's Central Park last month and are now bringing their service DP revelers.

Beginning this Saturday, you'll be able to order delivery from Rhea's Deli (which we coincidentally just endorsed in our 'Stuff We Like' blog), Serrano's Pizza, Rosamunde, Jay's Cheesesteaks and Frjtz Gourmet Belgium Fries directly to the park. Orders are charged at regular menu price and the delivery is free through eco-friendly bike-delivery service TCB Courier.

SF Arts Guide iPhone App Helps You Navigate the City's Art World

When you want to find a restaurant, a bar or nail salon on-the-go, you probably turn to Yelp's iPhone app. But for local arts and entertainment  knowledge, the going's not so easy. That's why we're delighted to learn that a new SF Arts Guide iPhone & iPad app is stepping in to fill the void, featuring a database of over 1,200 local events each month.


Vuvuzelas? There's an App For That

Love 'em or hate 'em, vuvuzelas are going down as one of the most iconic images (and sounds) of 2010.

48 Hour Mag: Writing, Editing, Designing and Shipping a Magazine in 48 Hours

The editors behind 48 Hour Magazine, which launches its whirwind of a publishing experiment tomorrow, must have nerves of steel. The concept is this: the editors announce a theme for the issue and contributors  (you can sign up to be one on their homeage) rev their engines and crank out content within a 24 hour window. The subsequent 24 hours are devoted to selecting pieces, editing, designing, printing and shipping the issue (in both online and print form).  48 Hour Magazine takes it one step further and aims to pay their contributors.

Cabulous Tries to Alleviate Hassle of Getting a Cab in SF

Because I'm that girl who's chronically late for absolutely everything, I'm a cab driver's dream--but only when I have to stand on a busy street corner to get one. I live in fear of calling cab dispatchers, who always seem to hang up on me as soon as I rattle off my street address and phone number. What gives?

SFMOMA Launches a Rooftop Garden iPad App

SFMOMA's new iPad Rooftop Garden app makes sure you and your iPad won't leave the museum's rooftop empty headed.

Create Talking Photos with Fotobabble

So you're uploading a photo to Facebook and trying to think of a caption. This process would be soooo much more fun if you could add a voiceover, right? Well, now you can. Emeryville-based Fotobabble has created a way to make talking photos. The implications are pretty awesome here: singing telegrams, a play by play of a pee-wee soccer game...and um, lots of opportunities for pokin' fun at those "wow, maybe we had too much to drink here" photos.  You can share it all via Facebook, Twitter and even embed Fotobabble photos in your own web pages. Pretty sweet. Download the iPhone app for free here.

7 Free iPhone Apps for Fashion Lovers

After a recent onslaught of fashion-forward iPhone applications from designers, fashion magazines and all manner of retail brands, even those outside the fashion world are taking notice. The Wall Street Journal even went so far as to dub iPhone fashion apps the must-have accessories of the season.

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