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Tech + Gadgets CEO: It's the "Wild West" Out There in Mobile Advertising

As users consume more and more content on mobile devices, the advertising that allows publishers to offer that content for free is starting to show up as well.

With Everpix, Your Lifelong Photo Collection Fits in Your Pocket


Over the past decade, it seems safe to say that people have taken more photographs than ever before. Increasingly, the device of choice for snapping photos is the smartphone, but the problem is, what to do with all those images once you’ve snapped them, shared a few, and moved on?

That’s the problem SoMa-based Everpix wants to solve: Fixing “the photo mess.”

Darby Smart Brings Together Emerging Crafts Designers With DIYers

Half of all U.S. households buy craft supplies at least once a year, and DIY crafters are one Pinterest’s biggest categories.

SF-based Darby Smart, which launched just over two weeks ago, brings the passion of crafters together with emerging designers at Pinterest to turn the most popular new designs into DIY kits that are simple to assemble and replicate.

BART Strike Proving a Boon for Transportation Apps

There’s nothing like a disruption in the transportation system to see how dependent we have become on the current modes operating at peak efficiency. When something like a bridge closure or work stoppage happens, suddenly it’s a big fat traffic mess out there.

Q&A with Watchup, the Award-Winning iPad App for News Videos


Our interview with Adriano Farano, the CEO of Watchup,  which recently won a prestigious Knight Foundations News Challenge award.

SF Startup Delivers Healthy Meals Fast For $6 Each


Four years ago, while they were students at UC Berkeley, Anson Tsui and Steven Hsiao started a junk food delivery business called Late Night Option, which proved to be popular with their fellow students. It still is.

The Best of Tech, 2013

photo by Robert Schlatter

We present to you the most envelope-pushing, Bay Area-made inventions of 2013.

PasswordBox Offers NSA-Level Protection for Your Passwords


For many people, creating and remembering passwords is a vexing part of online life.

New App ParkNow Takes the Dread Out of Parking

How many hours have you wasted circling the block looking for a parking space? How much fuel? Or how about the tedious worrying of “what will I have to pay?” or “when do I need to leave home to make it to my appointment on time?” New app ParkNow is about to change the parking game.

Highlight Mobile App Helps You Know Who's Nearby

Paul Davison wanted to take on a big problem in the world, so he did.

“The people we bring into our lives are the most important things in our world,” he says. “But the way we meet and connect with people is completely random and inefficient. Especially when people move to new areas, it’s really hard to meet new people. It’s a bad system -- if you could take a bird’s eye view from above and put the right people together, life would be better for everyone.”

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