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Sunrun's Solar Power Plans Let You Lease Panels and Save Thousands


In recent years, the cost of converting your home to solar power has fallen dramatically, as the option to lease rather than purchase solar panels has become available.

Mosaic Makes Investing in Solar Energy Possible With as Little as $25

Oakland-based Mosaic, which provides an online platform for investing in solar energy projects, allows people in California to invest as little as $25 in such projects.

This unprecedented democratization of clean energy development is currently encountering some delays as regulators try to catch up with its highly promising and disruptive investment model.

Our Parking Guru Talks the Latest Version of His Parking App, VoicePark

VoicePark app

When it comes to parking apps, hands down one of our favorites is VoicePark, conceived by our very own parking guru, David LaBua. As SXSW's tech and interactive sessions wind down, VoicePark's second version is gearing up to save the rest of us time and even money when it comes to the never-ending quest for parking in San Francisco (and beyond). Here, an interview LaBua, author of Finding the Sweet Spot and CEO of VoicePark.

Ride-Sharing Service SideCar Expands Nationally, But Not Without Resistance

Since the ride-sharing service SideCar was one of several companies fined and issued cease-and-desist orders by the state PUC last November, the company has been working with the regulatory agency to help establish rules for transportation based in the new sharing economy.

Buy Your High-End Sex Toys and Accessories Online


One of the most intriguing offices I’ve visited recently belongs to Crave, which designs, prototypes and assembles the luxury sex toys it sells online on two floors of a modest building in Soma.

There’s no corporate sign out front.

STD Triage: The First App to Help People Identify STDs, Anonymously

STD Triage

Certainly among the most socially awkward health topics are sexually transmitted diseases.

Nobody really wants to talk about them, some may feel reluctant to bring up the topic even with their doctor, and as a consequence people often delay seeking treatment, which leaves them at greater risk of not only getting sicker but also of spreading the condition to their partners.

Saucee: Your Online Source of Local Organic Sauces


Original, organic, local, fresh, seasonal, vegan, gluten-free–all of those adjectives describe the first five spicy sauces created by local startup Saucee, which is currently in the process of wrapping up a successful Kickstarter campaign to expand production and deliver its products online to you.

UrbanSitter Expands its Internet Babysitting Footprint


Over the past year and a half since its launch, SF-based UrbanSitter has been helping thousands of Bay Area parents connect with babysitters via the social web–to the point where over 9,200 parents and 3,100 sitters are using the service.

Co-Founder Julia Hartz on Her Role as the "Operator" at Eventbrite

Julia Hartz

Among successful technology companies based in SF, one floating perhaps a bit under the radar is the leading online event and ticketing platform, Eventbrite.

From its offices strategically positioned on Brannan Street between the Caltrain station and the Sixth Street off-ramp of 280, Eventbrite sold 36 million tickets worth $600 million in 179 countries last year.

Caviar Delivers Meals From Yelp Four-Star Restaurants Seven Days A Week

Now there’s a new way to order meals online from those Yelped-about neighborhood restaurants that don’t deliver themselves and it’s a web app called Caviar.

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