Teeth Whitening Just in Time for Your Big Day, Wherever You Want It


Now that we're a week into April, it's high time for a little spring cleaning–on your teeth! If you're rolling your eyes thinking about making an appointment to visit your dentist's office, stop that right now; we're talking about having a dentist come to you to whip those chompers into shape and get them gleaming white–which is exactly what 7x7's Rachel Greenberg did in our offices yesterday!

Enter cute-as-a-button Dr. Nina Molayem DDS, who recently founded Polished Dentala professional mobile dental spa that comes to your office or home to do light cleanings, polishings, and amazing teeth whitening services. Just think of it as a facial for your teeth! Her gentle-yet-expert touch restores the brightness and whiteness of your teeth, making you ready for events, birthdays, hot dates, weddings, and everything in between. You can also book a Polished Party, so you and your friends can experience the magic together.

Dr. Nina paid us a visit to give us the rundown on her awesome boutique services, and gave our own Digital Audience Development Manager Rachel Greenberg a polish and whitening in time for her upcoming bridal shower this weekend. If you're a teeth-whitening newbie, have no fear: Dr. Nina first buffs and lightly cleans your teeth; she calls this the Polished Classic and it's the perfect pick-me-up. Next, Dr. Nina applies prescription-strength whitening gel to your teeth in 20-minute cycles, depending on how fast it works on your particular set. This is called the Polished Whitening service, and it definitely lived up to its reputation. Rest assured that she won't make them glow in the dark–she emphasizes the most natural look for you.

Once both you and Dr. Nina have agreed on what whiteness level is perfect for you, she wipes it all off, gives your mouth a quick rinse, and BAM! Your smile just became a megawatt one.

She totally wowed us with her convenience, cleanliness, and results, and we can't wait for her next visit!

For more information on Dr. Nina's amazing services, click here. Contact her here, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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