Ten Day Muni Shutdown = A Perfect Time to Bike to Work


If you’ve been thinking about biking to work, or even if you’re a regular bike commuter, make sure your tires are pumped up, because the 10-day Muni shutdown on major routes begins tomorrow—and biking will be your best way to get around.

Starting tomorrow at 7 pm through June 4 at 5 am, the entire N line, much of the J will be closed for the “long shutdown,” for rail replacements. Bus shuttles will be in place, but will be slower and over-crowded. What’s the solution? Biking, of course.

Biking to work will make you alert for the day, save you the hassle of overcrowded buses and, as anyone who bikes in SF can attest—biking is the fastest way to get around the city.

Plus, there are 23 miles of new bike lanes in just the last year and a half, so you’ll likely have some pretty nice bikeways on the way. Check out the bike map that mirrors the N and J lines, and see just how easy it is to pedal the line.

Still don’t have your city biking legs? The SF Bicycle Coalition is offering to be your personal trip leader for the bike commute during the shutdown. They’ll be leading “bike trains” along the N and J lines, picking people up along the way and commuting in to downtown. So, if you’ve never bike commuted, or you’re still getting comfortable riding in the city, join them for this comfortable group ride to the office.

For those of you more experienced commuters, note that the beloved Duboce Bikeway (with the murals behind Safeway) will be closed during this shutdown. Bike traffic will be rerouted on Market Street, 14th Street and Sanchez.

And if after the pedal to work, you’re still looking for a little extra mileage, spin on over to the Golden Gate Bridge…BECAUSE THE BIKE SIDE IS FINALLY OPEN! Hooray for the Bridge opening and hooray for another reason to bike to work—not that you really needed one.

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