Ten Places to Act out Your Inner Olympian


We hate to break it to you, but unless you're currently reading this from London, you will probably never be an Olympian. But that doesn't mean you can't seriously enjoy summer Olympics sports around San Francisco. 

1. Swimming - Sava Pool 

Sava Pool is part of the SF Recreation and Parks, and is open daily for a reasonable drop-in fee of $5. The facility is modern and snazzy (especially for a public pool) and there are even specified "lap swimming" times if you're really serious about honing your backstroke.

Image courtesy of wrecks l./Yelp

2. Table Tennis - The Sunset Table Tennis Club

With teen and adult leagues and plenty of private lessons, this club means serious ping-pong business. Just look at this guy's game face!

 Image courtesy of Sunset Table Tennis Club

3. Trampoline - House of Air

For the novice bouncer, House of Air is open daily for unstructured fun. But if you're looking for something a bit more involved, they also offer "Air Conditioning Classes" to fit and tone, training classes for "beginners to advanced aerialists"...and Trampoline Dodgeball leagues. 

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4. Archery - Golden Gate Archery Range  

Prefer a Longbow over a Shortbow? A Compound Bow over a Recurve Bow? Hit up the San Francisco Archery Pro Shop across the street from the range to rent your bow of choice before making your way to G.G. Park to practice on the course's nine targets, free of charge. 

Image courtesy of Derrick S./Flickr

5. Boxing - 3rd Street Boxing Gym

This gym prepares its members for actually spending time in the ring and hosts regular fight nights. But if you're not the punch-in-the-face type, they also focus on bootcamp and exercise classes. 


Image courtesy of Bloomspot

6. Rowing - The Dolphin Club

Founded in 1877, this hidden gem is located between Ghirardelli Square and Fisherman's Warf. The club maintains 16 boats used for open-water rowing, and has a private beach for easy Bay access.  

Image courtesy of Susanne Friedrich

7. Tennis - Bay Club

There are tons of free public courts around the city, but the Bay Club is the cream-of-the-crop if you're looking for competition-level courts. They have indoor and outdoor courts around the city.  

Image courtesy of Talia G./Yelp

8. Fencing - Halberstadt Fencer's Club

Along with classes and lessons, this highly-awarded club holds "open bouting" throughout the week, where students can practice with other fencers. 

Image courtesy of Kristina Ruiz

9. Track - Kezar Stadium

Here's a quick recap of the mid-city stadium: It was constructed in 1925 for a variety of sports competitions until the 49ers started using it in 1946. Once the 49ers moved to Candlestick in 1970, the football seating was torn down and it was turned once again into a community stadium. Now it's open for track and field practice daily (or Dirty Harry reenactments, your choice).

Image courtesy of Whole Wheat Toast/Flickr  

10. Badminton: Bay Badminton Center

Non-badminton aficionados may not realize the popularity of the sport - the BBC (Bay Badminton Center) is so popular, they have THREE Bay Area locations. Along with membership options for those looking to drop in and play, they have a "Training Academy" for young badminton superstars-in-training. 

Images courtesy of Bay Badminton Center 

BONUS: Shooting - Pacific Rod and Gun Club

This historic club located on Lake Merced is a San Francisco institution. Open since 1928, the club is facing eviction as of August 15, 2012, so get there ASAP if you want to experience this local gem before it's gone. 

Image courtesy of boltron/Flickr

Where do you live out your inner Olympian?

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