The bar at Colibri

Most people think of tequila as a shot or an ingredient that gives a margarita its kick, but it’s actually unique in the spirits world. While it's distilled just as vodka or whisky, the fact that it comes from a plant (instead of grain) that has to ripen gives it qualities that are wine-like. That’s what make it one of the most complex and diverse spirits on the planet.

This complexity is one reason why it's important to have options when choosing tequilas. And it's not a simple matter of quality—there are many good tequilas, but sometimes you’re in the mood for something more spicy, smooth or sweet.

When it comes to tequila selection, two places always get hyped: Tommy's and Tres Agaves. But there are other contenders out there, and they should be on the radar of those who love the agave.

The top four tequila destinations in the city in terms of selection are:

4. Tres Agaves
3. Cantina
2. Tommy's
1. Colibri