The San Francisco-based startup GoPago is at it again. The company’s free mobile app–which as some know, just launched in S.F. in partnership with Chase—lets you order and pay for everything from coffee to burgers straight from your smartphone. You get to skip lines at local hot spots like Freshii, Moz, Tropisueno and Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, because your order is ready and waiting when you arrive.

GoPago’s first campaign with 7x7, Heroes, was so successful with 7x7 readers that they want to bring the awesomeness back again for those of you who missed it the first time (if you have already used a code, this new one won’t activate). Thousands of 7x7 readers downloaded GoPago, grabbed $10 bucks, experienced the smart way to order and pay, and now will never have to wait in line again.

The future of ordering is here! Download GoPago, enter, “7x7bythebay” to grab your $10 bucks. You can share the code with your best friends too. The code is good for the next 10 days (6/21 to 7/1). Get to it!