I can’t really tell you what we drank, but here’s what we ate.

After years of engaging as a writer in the “what to pair with the Thanksgiving meal” debate, I can honestly tell you that we didn’t put much time into it. The six of us at my house drank a bottle and a magnum of Champagne, a couple of bottles of white Burgundy (good stuff: Ramonet and Raveneau), some red Burgundy and a bottle of Spring Valley Vineyard’s Washington Syrah called “Nina Lee.” And we had some Calvados with the apple-themed dessert and a delicious pecan pie (it’s odd to hear myself say that: I’ve never been a fan until this particular pie, which was brought by a guest) and then some Cognac.

Thanksgiving’s such a free-for-all it doesn’t really matter too much what you drink, so long as you enjoy it.