Thao Nguyen Charms the Swedish American Hall


Thao Nguyen’s Noise Pop show last night was like sitting amongst close friends in a cozy living room.  Only it wasn't a living room, it was the Swedish American Music Hall, and it wasn't just close friends, it was 300 devoted fans.  But you get the idea.  The Virginia-bred, San Francisco-based folk rock singer/songwriter and guitarist charmed the audience with her bouncy acoustic style and soothing vocals, pausing in between each song to chat and crack jokes with the crowd, as if we were all one big, happy family of best friends. 

“I swear, we spent half the time rehearsing and half the time coming up with just how we were gong to enter the stage for this show,” she confessed. She played mostly upbeat tunes, switching guitars for each song and adding in a more somber jingle, supposing that sad was appropriate for the current times. She tells us that she went out and bought a new dress for the show, because the only other dress she owns was used in a recent photo shoot and she didn’t want us thinking that was the only item of clothing she had.

After playing a full set, she thanked the audience and walked off stage as everyone serenaded her with a standing ovation. Then, just like every good musician, she pleased the crowd with an outstanding encore, inviting people up onstage. Charming is an understatement—Thao Nguyen had us hooked for life at hello.

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