The 10 Coolest New Tech Products at CES


The largest tech event of the year with almost 160,000 attendees and over 3,600 exhibitors, the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) offered a wide array of new tech for 2015. Here are some of the cooler things we saw: 

Photo: New Matter

Print Products at Home

3D printing now has a dedicated section at CES featuring a multitude of increasingly capable and affordable printers. New Matter’s MOD-t 3D Printer, the most-funded design to date on any crowd-funding site, connects via wifi to an online marketplace where you can shop, download, and print objects in the comfort of your home.


Food Printing

Ever wish pizza would magically appear in front of you? With XYZprinting, it can! That’s right, real, edible food is now being printed. Mind blown.

 Photo: Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality

Hardcore gamers, rejoice! VR has been lurking at the cusp of the tech world for nearly three decades, until now. Oculus Rift, teamed up with Samsung to present its latest version of hardware featuring 360 degree head tracking, real world movement mapping, and content play. One of the displays allows users to play a Marvel game with a VR simulation of Stark Tower and Iron Man helmet overlay. 

Photo: chasseursdecool

Selfie Drones

Drones are the NBT for capturing selfies. Wearable tech prototype Nixie flies off your wrist to snap an aerial shot of you. With boomerang mode, you can toss the quadcopter drone in the air and it will fly higher to take a photo or video in 1080p and then fly back to you.

Photo: Tao Chair

Work Out While Sitting In A Chair

Too tired to get up and go to the gym? With the Tao Chair, the gym comes to you. It looks like a regular chair, but with fitness sensors, it allows you to work your muscles and track calorie burn while sitting in the living room. Depending on where you place your arms and legs, the chair provides resistance, and with enough force, you can do presses, leg lifts and curl, all while watching your favorite TV show. 

Photo: nortizleon

Virtual Fitting Room

Toshiba’s Virtual Fitting room allows you to try on outfits before buying. The project is still in the works, but rest assured, it won’t be long before virtual sizing is made available to use in the comfort of your home. 

Photo: engadget

Panasonic Smart Mirror

Panasonic introduced a mirror that points out all of your flaws (think pores, wrinkles, dry skin), and then offers products you can buy to fix them. You can also check out how you look with a mustache or try new makeup options.


Photo: Kube


The Kube offers quality sound and refrigeration at the same time. The portable Bluetooth speaker can not only pump out 100db of sound, but do so while storing ice and beer.

Photo: OSVR

Open Source Platforms

This is utopia, where all of your gadgets work together in conjunction to make your life better. Razer revealed OSVR, an open source VR platform. The company teamed with Unity, Unreal, Leap Motion and others to develop a single, open standard where all input devices, games, and output are unified.

Photo: Forbes

Glasses-free 3D TV

Samsung’s glasses-free 110” 8K 3D TV presents truly striking imagery. But alas, the TV is currently just a prototype and won't be in production for at least three years. 

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