The "11th Hour," Holy Water's New Badass Bar Concept


Possibly even more than San Francisco residents like to drink, San Francisco mixologists like to create. We're a passionate city and when we find something we enjoy, we persue it full force. Holy Water, the new Bernal Heights project from the owners of Churchill and Bloodhound, uses this idea to frame their late-night drink concept, the "11th Hour." Long story short, at 11pm every night Holy Water is going to start doing some really badass things at the bar. What they decide to do each night will vary depending on the bartenders' moods, but you might just expect one of the following...

  • Magnums & Growlers of Beer: At 11pm the bar will uncap some very rare, very large bottles of beer to share with guests. These large format brews are limited releases and are very difficult to source, but the Holy Water team is working closely with selected breweries to have a few special recipies bottled specifically for their 11th Hour offerings. Because there will be a limited supply of these rare gems, when they are gone, thats it. All good things must come to an end, but try back 24 hours later for the next round!
  • Full Disclosure: Holy Water bartenders are experimenting with new ingredients, recipes, and techniques and need taste testers. That's where their guests come in! Their hopes are that people take advantage of this opportunity to taste some really awesome/wierd/unique things that aren't on any menu in the city. The lead bar specialist has been sourcing some really awesome ingredients in preparation and he's eager to try them out. The best part? If someone doesn't like their drink, they don't have to pay for it. 
  • Bartenders Choice: Basically the customer chooses an ingredient (or two) and lets the bartender come up with an off the menu cocktail. For example, if the guest loves rum and ginger beer, the bartender will create a drink using those two ingredients. Enjoy messing with people? Pick ingredients like egg whites and safron, and put the mixologist on the spot. The idea behind this is to enhance engagement between the customer and staff and encourage new ideas!
  • Flight Night: Flights that Holy Water thinks are really awesome and wants people to try, anything from a limited-release beer to a Single Barrel selection from one of their sister bars, will be on tap. A good chance to try some of the owners' personal faves.

So much for going home early. But then again, you don't live in this big city for nothing. Cheers to that!

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